Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wong Hoy Cheong

Humility.That's what I see in him.I've been hearing briefly about what he does from his friend,about him being an artist,his artwork exhibited in New York and Berlin.That simple man,by the name of Wong Hoy Cheong,an activist,a man who lives a simple life,who has achieved so much and who is still contributing a lot to the society.

As we were crossing the road:

Me:I just love Penang,when I'm old, I wanna stay here.
HC:That's what I'm doing now.You can do the same.You don't have to wait until you get old.Why don't you guys set up LFL branch here,we need human rights lawyers here.
Me:That'd be cool!

While waiting for our coffee:

Me:I've been meaning to ask about your artwork,tell me what do you do exactly?
HC:I make visual art.I used to paint,that was a long time ago.
Me:I heard about the art gallery in New York?
HC:Yes,I have a representative who sells my artwork in New York.
Me:Wow!Besides New York, where else?
HC:One in Berlin and one in Taipei.
Me:Wow!So you've been around the world?
HC:I've not been to Africa,would love to go there someday.
Me:Tell me more,what else do you do?
HC:I used to lecture.
Me: Where?
HC:Harvard,NYU,Oxford,NUS...(and the list goes on).
Me:That's impressive,I wouldn't know all that if I didn't ask you in person.

Funny to see how shy he was to tell us about his life.It was as if he was at gunpoint,having to answer all my questions.I just couldn't contain myself from excitement when it comes to learning about these great people,the things they do and the lives they live.

Me:You've achieved so much.Your family must be proud of you.
HC:No lah,my family thinks it's a bluff!

Everyone laughed.

That's Wong Hoy Cheong.An educator who was awarded as an outstanding educator by Cornell University and had a scholarship for undergraduates named after him.

He also gets the 35th floor of the Deutsche Bank devoted to him and his artwork.Now I know how influential he is as an artist!

This Penang trip felt so different from the previous numerous trips I had before.I can't thank him enough for showing us so much about Penang,the places,the culture,the stories.



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