Friday, June 10, 2011

The Gap Between The Front Teeth

Over the years we tend to forget how certain things disappear from our lives,like the gap between the front teeth for example, and other things that used to drop by just to test the patience in us.

The moment we try to figure out what actually happened and all that we could arrive at is nothing but a difficulty to pinpoint at how it actually happened, that for me, is a good indication that we have totality let go of the thing that used to bother us and we have joyfully moved on.

This is when we start to realize, that petty little thing is so irrelevant that the act of trying to resurrect its precise recollection seems to be futile no matter how hard we try.

Rejoice, for at this point in time, we have lived a life, free from petty little things and petty people.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Sense of Disappearance

In life, at some point, we just have to admit that we can never fix certain things. It's best that we let them slip away. It suggests not negativity, it's a matter of being practical.

That's life. It's peculiar in its own way. Just like how happy songs can prolong one's depression to the point of no return and how depressing songs can emancipate one's soul that is long trapped in nothingness.

It's the sense of disappearance. To disappear in your own self, without having to justify anything, to anyone.