Thursday, August 30, 2007


Date : Wednesday 5th September 2007

Time : 5pm (the program will end by 7.30pm)

Meeting point : In front of the Kompleks Pasar Taman Dato' Harun (Taman
Medan), next to the Mosque. Best route is to take the NPE
(New Pantai Expressway from Jalan Bangsar towards
Subang/Sunway ) and turn left into Taman Dato Harun. You
will see the mosque on the left as soon as you enter into that

Agenda : Handing out "know your rights" leaflets to youths and
Interactive sessions with youths on topics like employment
right, police etc

Please call all your young lawyer friends to join us in this interesting and educational excursion plus legal aid service trip in conjunction with LAW AWARENESS WEEK'S RIGHTS OF NEXT GENERATION!

Monday, August 27, 2007

anti-FTA demo-26.8.2007-Dataran Merdeka-Jaln TAR.
as every one became a united front, chanting their lungs out--a never ending struggle of the people for the people!!
"tolak tolak
tolak FTA!
"kaum tani
hilang tanah!
"kaum kerja
hilang kerja!
"harga ubat
naik tinggi!
"rakyat merdeka
jadi hamba!
"tolak tolak
tolak FTA!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

last night was a crazy experience for me and my housemates.we'd almost gone mental when every one was stuck in the car, key-less (if there's such word!)-waiting for Kuhan to call us back and bring the key...unfortunately our good faith landlord didn't have any spare key..we were so screwed that all that we could do was laughing like there was no tomorrow...
when far,faj and yati insisted me to come along to join the so called have- a ride-no need to get out of the car- as we were only going to the petrol station and the atm, i decided to just be in my nighty...and it was such a coincidence that we saw nadia and she was dragged along in our quest to Gombak to meet my junior who happened to have my key as i left it long before i officially moved in..thank God we successfully got the key, or else every one would be on emergency leave today...we learned from what happened last night that:
1) give a spare key to your closest friend (we don't have trust issues)
2)don't ever be in nighties (you'd be so embarassed to get out of the car)
3)there's always a good reason why things happen (i never thought that the spare key that i accidentally left with my junior was the "key" to solving our problem-*sometimes it takes time for God to show that things always happen for a move on!!)

Monday, August 13, 2007

a trip and a funeral
Al Fatihah to Allahyarham Abdul Razak Bin Ahmad--I barely knew him, but along the trip to JB Kak Lat was telling me about him...someone that should be looked up to, someone who dedicated his life in the course of justice and humanity,an activist...i was thrilled that the whole trip was all about joining a program organized by Allahyarham...when we were still on our way, Dr Syed got a phone call saying that he just passed away...we were one hour was hard to describe the was mixed feelings...from seeing his body, joining the tahlil, and attending the funeral...there was only one thing that i could think of that day.."he left us all as a hero...i was glad to be feel his undying spirit ...and i thank Kak Latifah, Dr Syed, Puspa and Nasrul for everything...

Friday, August 10, 2007

As the issue of a malaysian student transforming his "creativity" and "patriotism" through a video seems to be most talked i was reading the newspaper, i'd rather pass and turn over to the comic page..nothing new i would say...for's reasonably right to criticise the policy of the government as this is a lawful exercise of civil disobedience and it has nothing to do with disrespecting one's country...but to insensitively and deliberately insult one's religion and belief is rather primitive and's nothing new to people who wear tudung/hijab/head scarf to be treated as if they are all nothing but a bunch of orthodox,deprived or rather unintelligent people and being discriminated against (it really happens..tell me about it!)...and it's heartbreaking that we hear people talking about obligation, responsibility, rights, freedom and civilisation..but we still fail to do one simple thing..that is RESPECT. It's not something that we are lacking, it's something that we refuse to have!