Thursday, January 12, 2012


S:I think it's the Avatar chair that makes our office swanky.
Me:It's all E's fault,no no,it's E's friend's fault,he gave us the chair.
E:Ya, it's the Avatar chair!
Me:V's office is swanky.
V:No,it's not.
Me:What do you mean not swanky,it's next to KLCC!
E:No lah,V's office is not swanky.
Me: You've never been there,it's super swanky!Whatever it is,LFL is the swankiest!
KL:Let's make a move now,we need to fix your car.
V:What happened to your car?
Me:Stranded in front of the swanky office,I think it's the battery.
V:You used it up.

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