Wednesday, May 25, 2005

my first day at work and asma had to wake up early today..we gotta go to work...when we arrived at zul rafique..we had to meet our work to do..suddenly..there was this lawyer came to our office and she assigned me with my first task..i had to submit this one document at kl twin,never been to kl towers before..though it's just next to to pass through security..reminds me of airport..and i waited for nearly one hour surrounded by all busy people..then there was this lady came and took the document..phew!!!

but now...i got totally nothing to God..just cant imagine how my life would be the next day...=(

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

yea yea!!!

just finished my special exam and asma have made it whole week of temporary brain damage..that's the price to pay for our long vacation in us,dublin and always demands consideration right?that makes the law of GOD fair and just...

yesterday was awesome..though i could hardly open my mouth to arrange words into speech..ahah..but that didint make a difference coz getting attached to nadia,asma farhana and raina explains a lot...haha..we had a good laugh yesterday while getting our stomach filled with dominos pizza at carefour...

on our way back..while waiting for my friends to settle some stuff,i was acting partly like a psycopath..i was laughing while seating on the bench's just that some time..when we have the oppurtunity to look around makes us complicated yet unique our life is...there was this chinese guy working at this nagoya textile..holding a ruler acting as if he was jamming this jaded song by aerosmith with his guitar..amazing if no one wa looking at him..he was enjoying himself to the max..and suddenly he had to stop coz there was this lady approached him to buy some cloth..

in life we see what is in front of us..but sometimes..subconsciously..there are thousands of explanation why things happen this way or that way..that makes life so unique...i guess the same philosophy applies to things that make us feel down..when people we love suddenly turned their back on us..that only means GOD has a better plan for us...every single soul in the world deserves to be happy..when we are feeling only makes us stronger if we could stand again to face this life...(to a friend of mine-u know who u are-be strong..God knows what is best for you>>

Tuesday, May 03, 2005


if you eve, give me love
as indicated
i will not place it under the glass
to be analysed and explained
i understand its growth
germinating in the heart but may perish in words
yielding not to arguments
i will take it to paradise
over the grass and into dreams
filling and drawing experience
it is only for us to feel
till on the lips flutters
till adam wakes
as if disbelieving
he is so bold to have uttered it

....thanx to "YOU"..for everything that means the world to me..=)