Thursday, April 14, 2005

luton to london to lincoln

hmm..yesterday me and asma were in london..we were staying in pakteh sham's house..he's been so nice to us..can u imagine..its almost 10 years i didnt get to see pakteh sham..the last time i met him is when i was 8 or seven..hmm.when he called me he said that he's old...i was so shocked to meet him at the airport coz he looks will never believe that he is my uncle..asma told me that peoplemight think that he is my fren..eheh..

we had a tour in london yesterday..we were posing like superstars..eheh..pakteh sham gotta leave early coz he got an appointment..he taught us how to use the most complicated tube..we made and asma made proud..we've been travelling alone to dublin and now in london..changed fined 90 euro for excess hate all people out not take ryanair to dublin..take aerlingus k..eheh..

last nite we we laughing like crazy when pakteh sham and me were posing in arsenal and west ham jersey..we took many im in lincoln..asma wants to see her old fren's here..the people are so wonderfu..we stay at sarah's place..she's been so wonderful,im so blessed to meet these wonderful people...just had my dinner with was awesome...

Monday, April 11, 2005

im in dublin now!!!

me and asma arrived in dublin yesterday..we stay at faizah and asriah's house..they've been so i got almost 20 frens who are going to be future doctors..they are so so blessed to be here to meet them...they are so interested to know what mooting is..they treat us like filmstars..we have photography session and interview session on moots..and just now they asked us to moot and they got us funny..eheh..

today we went to malahide castle and stephen green park and we got to visit dublin was a wonderful so happy to spend meanigful time with ijah,as,arip and asma's frens...its been almost 3 years i didnt get to see them after matric..and bcz of God's plan..we are given the oppurtunity to meet dublin...i have so much fun spending time with them..=)

Sunday, April 10, 2005

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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

im having a blast here..

being in wasington per se ain't that wonderful if not surrounded by these kind and woderful people...a special thanks to mara officers-encik hashimi,en najib,kak rod,kak ani and auntie sherry...and all the mara officers and embassy officers..and also to our great new friends from goerge washington university-syed,shamsul,irwan,intan,shazwan and bayu..u guys have been so wonderful...

actually me and asma will be leaving to london today..but we've been trying to change our flight schedule since yesterday..still trying we are in intan's room utilizing all the gadgets that she has..ahaks..

yesterday..we were laughing hysterically non stop with kak ani and kak rod in mara office..they are marvellous in cracking up jokes i tell ya.. and they know almost everything bout our secret..(wink*)

we also met auntie sherry,kak ani's cousin..she is wonderful person..she lives in toronto and she invites us maybe one day to visit her..she got such a perfect house near niagara..she told me that when i get married (eheh)..she'll book me a honeymoon suite near cant wait to go visit her...kak ani asks me to come over to dc again..and i will..i feels like home here coz the people are so wonderful...

and if we are able to extend our stay here..we're gonna have a great great day for another 3 i feel like crying having the thought that i'll be missing these people...but it's ok..ill come back here...i will..

Sunday, April 03, 2005


Hello. Assalaamualaikum
Fad is in washington d.c. and the rate for going online is 7 bucks per hour, so she can't afford to write posts for her blog. So, here I am just writing in on her behalf, to satisfy her readers.

Well... we got to the finals and we won runner up. UIA went against QUT, a university notorious in environmental law moots. It is no wonder that they get to the finals because they have always been either winning the environmental moots or runner up.

It's a wonder that UIA could do it, though. What with all the stupid things we always were up to during all our little night meetings in the terpencil kinda office we fondly call as moot room and all the eccentricities. Well, I must say though, we had a hell of a tip top teamwork that got us through the National, a hell of a fun time in Singapore to learn end experience new things, and hell of a cold (weather) time in Washington (or so I suppose).

It just shows the Greatness of Allah to hear news like this. Who would have thought, some 4 foot 8 girl (well maybe she's 4 foot 11 when she mooted) could win the best orallist? English is not even our mother tongue, and there we were going against Aussies... Allahu akbar.

This reminds me of a verse in the Qur'an:

Verily, when He intends a thing, His command is 'be' and it is!

Isn't Allah Great? Indeed He is.

Well, I haven't got the full scope, so you guys wait for fad to write in here. Besides, I don't really know the taste of her readers so let her do the satisfying part. I am just in here to tell you guys the good news and to remind all of you to thank Allah in your prayers after this. Thanks for hearing me out here.

til then... wslm,