Thursday, October 27, 2005

im at klcc burger king right and my friend just watched goal..awesome..for people out there who have a dream of becoming a footballer, you guys shoud watch this movie..i almost cried..ahah..raul looked goegeous in the club!!!to live a dream, u need the courage to pusue it even though some people might make fun of it...there's no harm to have beautiful dreams..and it is stangely exciting where that dream would drive you to...=)

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

alhamdulillah..i just finished my second last so relieved right now..after a long week of worries...finally the suffering has almost come to an end...

i got 5 days break before my last paper..just cant wait to drive back home with toni and my cousin..home...a place where no one will break your heart no matter how bad a situation might be...if ur finding for a true love..the answer is with ur family..a family who will love u unconditionally...really misssed mommy..the only reason that makes me wanna do my best in my exam..just to see my mommy happy...o god..just cant wait to go home..

Sunday, October 23, 2005

if my life is for rent and I don't learn to buy
Well I deserve nothing more than I get
Cz nothing I have is truly mine

I've always thought
that I would love to live by the sea
To travel the world alone
and live my life more simply
I have no idea what's happened to that dream
Cz there's really nothing left here to stop me

It's just a thought, only a thought...

Monday, October 17, 2005

my final exam starts this wednesday..i got sooo freaked out..but al i can do is to stay calm and get things done..insyaallah things will be fine..i got messages from my ex classmates asking me to send them the reunion pictures...thus, this justifies what im doin g right now in the cc..eheh..(alasan ni..)..

hmm..before i forget.. i just want to write back the testimonials written during the case this tissue gets missing someday..

1- gembirenye mlm ni..harapnya idop ni akan sentiasa gembira cm sekarang!-ilie
2-kalau ilie gembira,kite gembira bangat sih!harap sampai bila2 akan best cam gini-ekin
3-tak tau nak kata camna..tapi happy la..-faizah
4-gelak cam nak mati..sakit pipi giler!!lenkali bagi cukup i korum 5/11..gempak beb!!-nurul
5-aku semangat nak datang sbb rindu ngan member punya pasa.keep in touch!!-syamser
6-apit halim ngan azi takde,sedih-rahmad
7-aku pikir makan free je..tapi best sekali dapat makan cendawan depan rahmad..mcm makan daging kawan..-pak abu
8-makan no.2, kawan2 no.1..tapi makan free no1, kawan2 no.2..-azrie
9-tq semua,pasni buat lagi-sofi
10-makan untuk hidup,makan untuk jumpa,makan menemukan segalanya..terima kasih..-lokman
11-hehe..windu zaman blakang pintu next time k..-mimi.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

first of all i would like to thank fesal,berry,toni,shon hanim and nad for spending time together for buka puasa today..although we spent about 45 minutes together, it meant a lot to me..thanx fesal told me something that means a lot as he got this from an ibadah camp he to pray in exact way the prophet prayed...thanx fesal for the tips..without realizing it, our normal way of praying is quite different from the exact way the prophet prayed..perhaps due to differences in various mazhab..but i find it wonderful to know that..

Friday, October 14, 2005


hah..smalam mmg lah teramatla best sbb untuk ke berapa kalinya..(banyak sangat reunion)...dak2 5/11 berjaya berkumpul di yankies hut bangi dengan meriahnya hasil plan berjaya pak abu..way to go pak abu..the best party planner award mmg layakla dapat kat pak abu...

terima kasih gak la kepada puan penganjur cik mimi yang datang membawa kejutan yang telah membuatkan mimi tak senang duduk akibat disakat dengan kejamnya..sori cik mim..sebab fad ketua angakatan menyakat malam tadi...

ahli2 yang datang semakin bertambah..sebab asal dulu first2 reunion ada 3 orang..pas tu makin meningkat...mmg bagusla perkembangan ni sebab kalau memikirkan pergaduhan zaman sekolah..mmg macam dah takde harapan nak berdamai..tapi tuhan itu lebih tahu..

semalam mmg sangat best..semua orang happy tahap dewa...sampai tak terkawal keadaan...rasa macam dah beratus tahun tak jumpa...mmg terlupa sekejap dunia biasa..tetiba rasa cam duduk kat planet yang jauh dari semua manusia lain..sebab terlalu laluah happy para hadirin yang datang..kalau reunion 5/11 ni mmg taksah la kalau tak melibihi berjam2 lamanya..segala rasa gundah gulana kat hati hilang..mmg hebat penangan nilai persahabatan yang kai nsemua pegang...

semalam gak fad tak lupa memaksa setiap hadirin menulis testimonial atas tisu walaupun pada mulanya mendapat rungutan..tapi akhirnya semua patuh untuk mengelakkan diri dari dikutuk secara kejam..maka akurla mereka sekalian...

next reunion syet nak blanja...macam biasa..pak abu dah self appoint jadi party planner...akhir kata terima kasih banyak2 kepada insan2 ini kerana telah menjadikan dunia fad yang hectic menjadi tenang dan gembira---ekin,faizah,nurul,mim,ili,azri,pak abu,syet,lokman,sofi and rahmad and yap..thanx for everything guys!!!god bless u!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

happy birthday to huda...

i just got back from huda's is huda's birthday and kak wana had warned us not to wish huda on her b'day...the plan was a about 5,me kak irah and che som went to jusco to buy a cake...we barged in huda's room at 7 and she was totally shocked to see us and the cake..coz she's been crying alllll day that everyone has forgotten her b'day...the party was lovely and we took lots of pictures..thanx to faiz,ayu,ijah.and gopi for ur excellent cooperation...happy b'day huda..may allah bless u...


yesterday i had a long conversation with kak wana..we talked about friends and friendship..a long topic... worth discussing i guess..but still there are certain things that cannot be figured out...but the main point the end of the day..we'll know who our true frens are...frens who stand by ur side through ups and downs..and when he/she is not around us..we know that he/she'll stand by you in any circumstances...

Monday, October 10, 2005

over the weekend, i spent my ramadhan with atun,zai,shira and ellia..we cooked as we got so tired of eating the same food at the college cafe...yesterday i cooked spaghetti..i was sooo happy that this cute boy in white jubah really liked it..ill cook some more..eheh..hmm..last nite i had this wonderful dream..i was in milan, i was standing on a tower and i could feel the wind was blowing against my face..hmmm...=)