Friday, November 30, 2007

a junior friend of mine just texted me for advice...i guess im too old to give advise about lovey-dovey-break up-back-together kinda standard advice would be simple and practical:-

1) ditch him cold because he's not worth your time (p/s: abang azli..hint hint**)
2)you are better off without him
3)unfaithful guys are worth going down the drain
4)your happiness does not depend on a creature called man (unless you find the right one)

p/s: certainly is indeed satisfying!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

this particular motorbike has been catching my attention for a couple of months, i'd spotted this motorbike every time i'm on my way back from my office...i couldn't stand the temptation no more that i took my camera and captured this picture and later i noticed someone was standing by the door, smiling...i guess it was the owner!"save the earth, it's never too late".

Hence the hadith:-

"there is none amongst the believers who plants a tree, or sows a seed, and then a bird or a person, or an animal eats thereof, but it is regarded as having given a charitable gift [for which there is great recompense"-Al Bukhari, III:513]

Friday, November 16, 2007


introducing Mr Aleyasak and his wife, Puan Maryam and their two kids....i still remember bugging the hospital clerk the nite after BERSIH rally just to find a Malay guy's name who got admitted to the E.R through a log book containing tonnes of people's names...suddenly i saw his name "ALEYASAK" heart said that he was the one that we were looking for...

i still remember seeing him and his wife for the first time...the wife broke down in front of me in tears....she first thought that Johnson and I were among the unknown individuals who did nothing but harassing people in distress...i still remember talking for hours just to console them...i still remember how motivated she was after we had a long talk...and i still remember how devastated she was right after i left...i still remember talking to her thru the phone just to make sure that she was ok..and i still remember texting her when i was in my office, just to make sure that she was doing just fine...

i still remember telling her that she was not alone in this fight..i still remember telling her that every one is always there for her and her family...i still remember telling her to be strong and keep on fighting this battle because it's not over, it has just started...

and last nite when far, raina and i visited the family, Puan Maryam was so motivated and all pumped up...she looked extremely happy and the whole room was filled with laughter....she was so overwhelmed to realize that she has everyone behind her, to help her through this...and i'm more than happy to see this:) and i still remeber telling her "PERJUANGAN MASIH PANJANG..KITA HARUS TABAH..."

Thursday, November 15, 2007


and the menteri said:-

and the menteri said: "saya memang tak suka al jazeera...dari dulu lagi saya dah bantah al jazeera buka branch di kl...buat apa kita nak al jazeera..KITA BUKAN ORANG ARAB!!"... far and me laughed like crazy...

and the menteri said: "saya memang tak suka tengok peguam-peguam berjalan dalam walk for justice...diorang ingat diorang tu selalu betul...kalau dah betul kenapa diorang bela penjenayah di mahkamah..kan mmg penjenayah tu mmg salah"..and we laughed so hard that our stomach muscles went numb!!!!

in conclusion, stupidity has gone way beyond redemption..i know its funny and all..but I deeply deeply resent this as it is such an insult to the people who value intelligence..because we still have intelligent people in our beloved country, the only difference is, they have to struggle to get their voices heard...

Monday, November 12, 2007


Episode I

It was raining. As I was walking through masjid jamek tunnel I can hear loud voices of the Police. I could see the demonstrators were standing, filling every space of the place. I was wakling in the rain to get to my assigned group.Dataran Merdeka was already blocked by the Police, hoping that the crowd would be on a stand still. We were not breathing the normal air, I got a little drowsy and my eyes started to itch. It was the tear gas. The only word I could think of was “BARBARIC”!).

I Met Puspa, Mr Yeo Yang Poh, Fahri and Lionel in front of the Bar Council. We proceeded to Masjid Negara and continued walking in the rain towards Istana Negara where the meorandum was to be handed over to the was along walk, indeed, but nobody was complaining. We could see people who got stuck in the traffic looking at us with that “what on earth could have possessed this bunch of people in black and white to walk along the higway” look. Some were staring at our tag and I could see the lips uttering “PEMERHATI…”.The feeling was indescribable.

I witnessed the rise of the people who have faith in democracy peacefully assembled on that historical day to reclaim their rights as guaranteed by none other than the Constitution. It doesn’t take a genius to understand that. They walked the long miles to get the message across. They walked the long miles to deserve a draconian treatment by the authority. The still walked, in faith.

My whole family was worried about me, but I kept on telling them that I have these 50,000 people to back me up .I understand their concern and I appreciate their supports. Thank you so much for believing in me. People at home witnessed this event live from al Jazeera news which we could hardly see in our mainstream media which is rather counterfactual. It’s a sad reality, and it has always been.

It was a peaceful assembly. We were there to witness this. Rakyat/the people have proven them wrong. Threats after threats, and nothing could change our stand. I’m proud to see before my own eyes the culture of civil disobedience demonstrated by a group of committed people. They are committed to their beliefs. They are committed to justice. This culture had, through out history released those oppressed by a system that is rather abusive than protective. This culture had set the Africans free from Apartheid. This culture had enlightened those fighting for independence. And it has always been.

Episode II

After we dispersed, Dipen, Mr Yeoh, Mogan, Dara, Puspa and me walked to KL central and we had tea at the Mamak shop nearby. We talked about so many things and suddenly we got a message asking us to get to the secretariat for a brief follow up. We walked to KL Sentral and headed to the Secratariat. We got down at Masjid Jamek and many people were stranded outside. The lrt service had been deliberately stopped. It was an inspiring moment to share our feelings on the event. As Puspa and me were leaving for prayers, we got a message from Kak Lat, asking us to gather at IPK KL police station to help those who got arrested at the assembly.

We got there at 7 and we waited for hours, as we were not allowed to see them. It’s nothing new that various violations of human rights can be spotted in less than 5 hours. At about 8pm, 5 were released with bruises and cuts. Again, it’s nothing new.

Episode III

Johnson and I accompanied 3 of them to HKL to get medical treatment and to lodge police reports on this abuse. We waited for hours to get everything done. The gentlemen told us that there was one guy who was beaten by the police and broke his leg who was also brought to the same hospital. As Johnson and I were getting lost on our way to find the ward, he asked me one question, “is this your first time doing this”-“Yes, and I always wanted to do this”. We managed to find the guy.

I was assigned to advise him and the moment I talked to the wife, she broke down and tears kept coming out. I almost cried but Amer told me to be strong for them. I consoled the wife and told her that we are all here to help her out. Then, she started to smile a little and I was so relieved. and i managed to get them to agree to lodge a police report against the police as they have been constantly harassed by unknown individuals who keep appearing the moment i left the family, telling them not to talk to any lawyers, not to lodge any reports and so's nothing new that harassment would take place after gross violation of human rights.

It was a bittersweet experience for me. Waiting for hours in the hospital and in the police station taught me a priceless lesson. Being a lawyer puts me in a position to help those in need. It imposes responsibility. Responsibility entails obligation. It was an ongoing struggle. It was a long walk. There’s only one thing that keeps us strong. Faith. And people who are always there with us, for better or for worst.

Id like to thank Kak Lat, Eric, Johnson, and Puspa for everything, and the makan2 at banana leaf place at 12 was great!

To abang n kakak, thanks for being supportive.

to nad, thanks for dropping me off and for the umbrella.

to shuwy, thanks for the concern.

to far, thanks for accompanying me to the hospital yesterday.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007



Perhimpunan Aman Rakyat 10 November 2007 Menuntut Pilihanraya Yang Bersih, Bebas dan Adil

Menyusul daripada Konvensyen Raykat BERSIH yang diadakan di KL pada 20 Julai yang lalu, BERSIH akan mengadakan perhimpunan besar-besaran seperti berikut untuk menuntut rombakan ke atas sistem pilihanraya supaya ianya menjadi bersih, bebas dan adil:

Tarikh : 10 Novemeber 2007 (Sabtu)

Masa : 3 petang

Tempat : Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur

Friday, November 02, 2007

I always have high admiration for smart people, smart as in smart-smart, not book smart...sometimes its funny that you barely know someone, yet you can talk about a lot of things on and on...and as result of last nite get together with nik nazmi, safa and my buddies, my brain couldn't stop thinking even when i tried so hard to get some sleep!