Saturday, December 31, 2005

i realized something when i woke up this morning..tomorrow is a new year..ill be time flies...i guess sometimes we dont realize that we are running out of time every time people get so excited elebrating new year...for every new year that comes..the closer we get to death as God has written the life span of a particular human much have we done to get ourselves prepared to meet Him...

hmmm...we talk about life,happiness,sadness..and sometimes we get so sick and tired of things that happened around us..but no matter how hard life can be..there's only one place that promises serenity and strength..GOD...when people disappoint you..He is always there to listen to you..when people hurt you..He is always there to heal you...when you feel like the world is falling down on you..He is always there for you to save you...He loves you more than anything else as He gives you strength whenever you feel like telling Him how hard things are for you...when people fail you..just remember that He will never fail you...happiness is not what you have..its what you feel...

yesterday i had lunch with aton and ellia..they have been good company for me..out of the sudden we decided to go to ulu yam...its true that when we get close to nature..we are actually closer to God...thanx to ellia,aton and zai, for being there with felt as if we were the only peolple in our own peaceful world...

happy new year to every all my beloved frens who are always there for me..may God bless us...its a long way to go..with so little time...

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

alhamdulillah..everyone is so relieved that my sister's wedding has settled.everyone is so happy..especially abang azli and kak farah...and im so happy for both of them...a day that every member of my family will remember.

i got back on friday..with my cousin..i drove all the way to alor was tiring but the feeling of being there with my family healed everything...i got to sleep next to my mom and adik fathir was so jealous of it..ahah..

the next morning abang asked me to follow him to buy stuff for bbq party after the wedding day as both of us were appointed as persons in charge with the party. kinda weird considering the fact that, in our family, he would be the last person to do this kind of thing..but im so happy to go with him to buy groceries and all necessary things for the bbq party..he was like asking me whether we should buy this or that..and i just took everything that i want..along the way we talked about so many things..kinda personal things..he advised me bout so many things...felt like crying knowing that so may people care about me...

after asar we went to the mosque for aqad nikah..i sat next to my sister..whispering and giggling..and abang azli lokoed so nervous...after aqad was done..he was asking his mom.."mak..maok buat apa duluk..protocol.."we just laughed..we took many pics in the mosque...

here came the wedding day..i was sooo busy putting make up on the fower girls...when af atie zaza and halis arrived i was still in my t shirt..eheh..only after that i changed...i asked them to eat first...the funny thing was..people got me mistaken with the bride..!!!!hmm..misrepresentation...

then af ati and zaza met my sister in her room..they were just laughing looking at my sister.."kitorang tak pernah tgk pengantin paling happy cam kak farah ni"..i replied.."bukan kawen pakse..sbb tula happy semacam je.."

when the majlis was was time for the bbq party..everyone gathered around enjoying themselves...abng's frens..kakak's frens-kak dayang.kak nini and kak cousins...during the party i sat next to abang azli..we taked about many things..he gave me precious advice..his philosophy...what he believes in a so happy that he's meant to be with my sister..a wonderful person..and im so grateful to have him as my brother...he's done and helped me with so many things even before he got married to kakak..and i regard him as my bother long before..and up until now....during the party..we played riddles and kak dayang told many funny stories..every one was laughing to death and no one realized that it was almost mid nite...

once again..thanx to af atie zaza and halis for coming all the way from ipoh and and my family really appreciate it..and to all my frens for their wishes..thanx!!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I read my horoscope for today..suprisingly,what's written below is exactly how im feeling right now...

--You usually know what -- or who -- you want, and you're usually ready to latch right on with little or no intention of letting go. A little indecision every so often is only natural, however, and if you're feeling it, don't try to deny it. In fact, it's probably worth investigating further. You may feel like you can't quite put your finger on what's holding you back, but look a little deeper and the source may become clear. Then -- ta-dah! -- your decision is clear, too--


Monday, November 28, 2005

i watched oprah last nite.orlando bloom was invited as a guest.he said something that captivates me-"if you're lucky that you have everything that you need,it'd be wonderful if you can share something that you have with other people..."

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

selamat hari raya to all...maaf zahir dan batin...

nothing much to do at home..helping my sister for her wedding preparation..i learned a good lesson today..people get married..only God knows how complicated the procedure, my sister and my dad had to wait for 30 minutes to meet the imam for an appointment..then we went to pejabat agama to get all the necssary details for the application...too bad..something was missing and my sister had to call abang azli to send all the forms from kuching..this might take a few days ..they fought on the phone..i just smiled..."susahla undang2 malaysia ni..nak kawen pon sister replied to abang azli..kalau susah sangat tak yah kawenla!!!"...and my sister told me.."sekarang ni tiap2 hari gaduh..baik jap..gaduh sume sebab procedure nak kawen la ni..."..............

all that i can do is smile=)

Thursday, October 27, 2005

im at klcc burger king right and my friend just watched goal..awesome..for people out there who have a dream of becoming a footballer, you guys shoud watch this movie..i almost cried..ahah..raul looked goegeous in the club!!!to live a dream, u need the courage to pusue it even though some people might make fun of it...there's no harm to have beautiful dreams..and it is stangely exciting where that dream would drive you to...=)

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

alhamdulillah..i just finished my second last so relieved right now..after a long week of worries...finally the suffering has almost come to an end...

i got 5 days break before my last paper..just cant wait to drive back home with toni and my cousin..home...a place where no one will break your heart no matter how bad a situation might be...if ur finding for a true love..the answer is with ur family..a family who will love u unconditionally...really misssed mommy..the only reason that makes me wanna do my best in my exam..just to see my mommy happy...o god..just cant wait to go home..

Sunday, October 23, 2005

if my life is for rent and I don't learn to buy
Well I deserve nothing more than I get
Cz nothing I have is truly mine

I've always thought
that I would love to live by the sea
To travel the world alone
and live my life more simply
I have no idea what's happened to that dream
Cz there's really nothing left here to stop me

It's just a thought, only a thought...

Monday, October 17, 2005

my final exam starts this wednesday..i got sooo freaked out..but al i can do is to stay calm and get things done..insyaallah things will be fine..i got messages from my ex classmates asking me to send them the reunion pictures...thus, this justifies what im doin g right now in the cc..eheh..(alasan ni..)..

hmm..before i forget.. i just want to write back the testimonials written during the case this tissue gets missing someday..

1- gembirenye mlm ni..harapnya idop ni akan sentiasa gembira cm sekarang!-ilie
2-kalau ilie gembira,kite gembira bangat sih!harap sampai bila2 akan best cam gini-ekin
3-tak tau nak kata camna..tapi happy la..-faizah
4-gelak cam nak mati..sakit pipi giler!!lenkali bagi cukup i korum 5/11..gempak beb!!-nurul
5-aku semangat nak datang sbb rindu ngan member punya pasa.keep in touch!!-syamser
6-apit halim ngan azi takde,sedih-rahmad
7-aku pikir makan free je..tapi best sekali dapat makan cendawan depan rahmad..mcm makan daging kawan..-pak abu
8-makan no.2, kawan2 no.1..tapi makan free no1, kawan2 no.2..-azrie
9-tq semua,pasni buat lagi-sofi
10-makan untuk hidup,makan untuk jumpa,makan menemukan segalanya..terima kasih..-lokman
11-hehe..windu zaman blakang pintu next time k..-mimi.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

first of all i would like to thank fesal,berry,toni,shon hanim and nad for spending time together for buka puasa today..although we spent about 45 minutes together, it meant a lot to me..thanx fesal told me something that means a lot as he got this from an ibadah camp he to pray in exact way the prophet prayed...thanx fesal for the tips..without realizing it, our normal way of praying is quite different from the exact way the prophet prayed..perhaps due to differences in various mazhab..but i find it wonderful to know that..

Friday, October 14, 2005


hah..smalam mmg lah teramatla best sbb untuk ke berapa kalinya..(banyak sangat reunion)...dak2 5/11 berjaya berkumpul di yankies hut bangi dengan meriahnya hasil plan berjaya pak abu..way to go pak abu..the best party planner award mmg layakla dapat kat pak abu...

terima kasih gak la kepada puan penganjur cik mimi yang datang membawa kejutan yang telah membuatkan mimi tak senang duduk akibat disakat dengan kejamnya..sori cik mim..sebab fad ketua angakatan menyakat malam tadi...

ahli2 yang datang semakin bertambah..sebab asal dulu first2 reunion ada 3 orang..pas tu makin meningkat...mmg bagusla perkembangan ni sebab kalau memikirkan pergaduhan zaman sekolah..mmg macam dah takde harapan nak berdamai..tapi tuhan itu lebih tahu..

semalam mmg sangat best..semua orang happy tahap dewa...sampai tak terkawal keadaan...rasa macam dah beratus tahun tak jumpa...mmg terlupa sekejap dunia biasa..tetiba rasa cam duduk kat planet yang jauh dari semua manusia lain..sebab terlalu laluah happy para hadirin yang datang..kalau reunion 5/11 ni mmg taksah la kalau tak melibihi berjam2 lamanya..segala rasa gundah gulana kat hati hilang..mmg hebat penangan nilai persahabatan yang kai nsemua pegang...

semalam gak fad tak lupa memaksa setiap hadirin menulis testimonial atas tisu walaupun pada mulanya mendapat rungutan..tapi akhirnya semua patuh untuk mengelakkan diri dari dikutuk secara kejam..maka akurla mereka sekalian...

next reunion syet nak blanja...macam biasa..pak abu dah self appoint jadi party planner...akhir kata terima kasih banyak2 kepada insan2 ini kerana telah menjadikan dunia fad yang hectic menjadi tenang dan gembira---ekin,faizah,nurul,mim,ili,azri,pak abu,syet,lokman,sofi and rahmad and yap..thanx for everything guys!!!god bless u!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

happy birthday to huda...

i just got back from huda's is huda's birthday and kak wana had warned us not to wish huda on her b'day...the plan was a about 5,me kak irah and che som went to jusco to buy a cake...we barged in huda's room at 7 and she was totally shocked to see us and the cake..coz she's been crying alllll day that everyone has forgotten her b'day...the party was lovely and we took lots of pictures..thanx to faiz,ayu,ijah.and gopi for ur excellent cooperation...happy b'day huda..may allah bless u...


yesterday i had a long conversation with kak wana..we talked about friends and friendship..a long topic... worth discussing i guess..but still there are certain things that cannot be figured out...but the main point the end of the day..we'll know who our true frens are...frens who stand by ur side through ups and downs..and when he/she is not around us..we know that he/she'll stand by you in any circumstances...

Monday, October 10, 2005

over the weekend, i spent my ramadhan with atun,zai,shira and ellia..we cooked as we got so tired of eating the same food at the college cafe...yesterday i cooked spaghetti..i was sooo happy that this cute boy in white jubah really liked it..ill cook some more..eheh..hmm..last nite i had this wonderful dream..i was in milan, i was standing on a tower and i could feel the wind was blowing against my face..hmmm...=)

Monday, August 15, 2005

things that i did during weekend..

1.went back home because of the haze..and tried to find peace of mind..ahaks..due to emotional unstability.

2.get a good nite sleep coz aloq staq was not hazy on friday..unfortunately..on saturday..i felt like i was in flu...

3.still senjoying myself at home..watched u won..nice victory..nice start for a great van de sar..(he looks like duwey in malcolm in the middle)...someone just cant take mu's i care.. back to uia..walking in the rain..cried on econs bridge..dramatic...

5.finally..i found my peace of that will never fade even if my soul has gone away...thanx to "you"...=)

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

my first day at work and asma had to wake up early today..we gotta go to work...when we arrived at zul rafique..we had to meet our work to do..suddenly..there was this lawyer came to our office and she assigned me with my first task..i had to submit this one document at kl twin,never been to kl towers before..though it's just next to to pass through security..reminds me of airport..and i waited for nearly one hour surrounded by all busy people..then there was this lady came and took the document..phew!!!

but now...i got totally nothing to God..just cant imagine how my life would be the next day...=(

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

yea yea!!!

just finished my special exam and asma have made it whole week of temporary brain damage..that's the price to pay for our long vacation in us,dublin and always demands consideration right?that makes the law of GOD fair and just...

yesterday was awesome..though i could hardly open my mouth to arrange words into speech..ahah..but that didint make a difference coz getting attached to nadia,asma farhana and raina explains a lot...haha..we had a good laugh yesterday while getting our stomach filled with dominos pizza at carefour...

on our way back..while waiting for my friends to settle some stuff,i was acting partly like a psycopath..i was laughing while seating on the bench's just that some time..when we have the oppurtunity to look around makes us complicated yet unique our life is...there was this chinese guy working at this nagoya textile..holding a ruler acting as if he was jamming this jaded song by aerosmith with his guitar..amazing if no one wa looking at him..he was enjoying himself to the max..and suddenly he had to stop coz there was this lady approached him to buy some cloth..

in life we see what is in front of us..but sometimes..subconsciously..there are thousands of explanation why things happen this way or that way..that makes life so unique...i guess the same philosophy applies to things that make us feel down..when people we love suddenly turned their back on us..that only means GOD has a better plan for us...every single soul in the world deserves to be happy..when we are feeling only makes us stronger if we could stand again to face this life...(to a friend of mine-u know who u are-be strong..God knows what is best for you>>

Tuesday, May 03, 2005


if you eve, give me love
as indicated
i will not place it under the glass
to be analysed and explained
i understand its growth
germinating in the heart but may perish in words
yielding not to arguments
i will take it to paradise
over the grass and into dreams
filling and drawing experience
it is only for us to feel
till on the lips flutters
till adam wakes
as if disbelieving
he is so bold to have uttered it

....thanx to "YOU"..for everything that means the world to me..=)

Thursday, April 14, 2005

luton to london to lincoln

hmm..yesterday me and asma were in london..we were staying in pakteh sham's house..he's been so nice to us..can u imagine..its almost 10 years i didnt get to see pakteh sham..the last time i met him is when i was 8 or seven..hmm.when he called me he said that he's old...i was so shocked to meet him at the airport coz he looks will never believe that he is my uncle..asma told me that peoplemight think that he is my fren..eheh..

we had a tour in london yesterday..we were posing like superstars..eheh..pakteh sham gotta leave early coz he got an appointment..he taught us how to use the most complicated tube..we made and asma made proud..we've been travelling alone to dublin and now in london..changed fined 90 euro for excess hate all people out not take ryanair to dublin..take aerlingus k..eheh..

last nite we we laughing like crazy when pakteh sham and me were posing in arsenal and west ham jersey..we took many im in lincoln..asma wants to see her old fren's here..the people are so wonderfu..we stay at sarah's place..she's been so wonderful,im so blessed to meet these wonderful people...just had my dinner with was awesome...

Monday, April 11, 2005

im in dublin now!!!

me and asma arrived in dublin yesterday..we stay at faizah and asriah's house..they've been so i got almost 20 frens who are going to be future doctors..they are so so blessed to be here to meet them...they are so interested to know what mooting is..they treat us like filmstars..we have photography session and interview session on moots..and just now they asked us to moot and they got us funny..eheh..

today we went to malahide castle and stephen green park and we got to visit dublin was a wonderful so happy to spend meanigful time with ijah,as,arip and asma's frens...its been almost 3 years i didnt get to see them after matric..and bcz of God's plan..we are given the oppurtunity to meet dublin...i have so much fun spending time with them..=)

Sunday, April 10, 2005

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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

im having a blast here..

being in wasington per se ain't that wonderful if not surrounded by these kind and woderful people...a special thanks to mara officers-encik hashimi,en najib,kak rod,kak ani and auntie sherry...and all the mara officers and embassy officers..and also to our great new friends from goerge washington university-syed,shamsul,irwan,intan,shazwan and bayu..u guys have been so wonderful...

actually me and asma will be leaving to london today..but we've been trying to change our flight schedule since yesterday..still trying we are in intan's room utilizing all the gadgets that she has..ahaks..

yesterday..we were laughing hysterically non stop with kak ani and kak rod in mara office..they are marvellous in cracking up jokes i tell ya.. and they know almost everything bout our secret..(wink*)

we also met auntie sherry,kak ani's cousin..she is wonderful person..she lives in toronto and she invites us maybe one day to visit her..she got such a perfect house near niagara..she told me that when i get married (eheh)..she'll book me a honeymoon suite near cant wait to go visit her...kak ani asks me to come over to dc again..and i will..i feels like home here coz the people are so wonderful...

and if we are able to extend our stay here..we're gonna have a great great day for another 3 i feel like crying having the thought that i'll be missing these people...but it's ok..ill come back here...i will..

Sunday, April 03, 2005


Hello. Assalaamualaikum
Fad is in washington d.c. and the rate for going online is 7 bucks per hour, so she can't afford to write posts for her blog. So, here I am just writing in on her behalf, to satisfy her readers.

Well... we got to the finals and we won runner up. UIA went against QUT, a university notorious in environmental law moots. It is no wonder that they get to the finals because they have always been either winning the environmental moots or runner up.

It's a wonder that UIA could do it, though. What with all the stupid things we always were up to during all our little night meetings in the terpencil kinda office we fondly call as moot room and all the eccentricities. Well, I must say though, we had a hell of a tip top teamwork that got us through the National, a hell of a fun time in Singapore to learn end experience new things, and hell of a cold (weather) time in Washington (or so I suppose).

It just shows the Greatness of Allah to hear news like this. Who would have thought, some 4 foot 8 girl (well maybe she's 4 foot 11 when she mooted) could win the best orallist? English is not even our mother tongue, and there we were going against Aussies... Allahu akbar.

This reminds me of a verse in the Qur'an:

Verily, when He intends a thing, His command is 'be' and it is!

Isn't Allah Great? Indeed He is.

Well, I haven't got the full scope, so you guys wait for fad to write in here. Besides, I don't really know the taste of her readers so let her do the satisfying part. I am just in here to tell you guys the good news and to remind all of you to thank Allah in your prayers after this. Thanks for hearing me out here.

til then... wslm,

Sunday, March 27, 2005


jz took my lunch with boon ka,dr ghafur and asma..we ate at in my new fren's room in gw university..they are so nice..actually,the story is like this,ati got a good fren in gw and we are supposed to meet him here..he brings along a few of his frens who are now becomin our frens..they are so feels like home meeting them..intan,syed,shazwan,shamsul,irwan and bayu...

it's so cold and asma like to hang out at the park in front of the mara house..this morning,i tried to be heroic when this guy asked me to help him getting out frm a room near a restaurant..he got locked in there..i tried to push the door but it didnt open..poor him..but i had to go..he just waived at me..

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

hmm..just got back from rector's office..we had lunch with the rector and the feels like being a celebrity..ahaks...we had a press conference and dr ghafur is our rep..way to go dr ghafur..the best fatherly lecturer for jessup interviewed by various news happy...hmm we got training now..gotta go..chow sin chi..eheh..

Sunday, March 13, 2005

faith and belief...

hmm...this week has been a hectic week for me..3 tests in a difference..test is sumthin that we have to get used to..a normal thing or some sort of established custom for a student..hmm..this next week is already the revision week before final exam...instead of preparing for final and the other jessupers got to prepare for washington..

sumtimes things seem to be stagnant for me..i guess that is what we call life..i really thank God coz i got friends and someone who'd be there for me..=)..time is passing by so fast..i could still remember me walking down the kulliyyah during the revision week..and now..we nearly finish this's kinda terrifying to think about how fast time passes by..but the bottom line is..we have to cherish every moment that we have before it's gone..

there was this one day i was talking to mar bout something and i said to her that to lose something that we love so much is unbearable..she said to's worth to take the risk in life coz to love is the best feeling and the best gift that God has ever created to us...what she said really touches's just that we need to believe and have faith on something that we believe...

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

* (,")*

hmm..last monday me and asma went to kl to settle our visa...there was this poetry pasted on the STAR window...kinda sweet...

O my Luve's like a red, red rose,
That's newly sprung in June:
O my Luve's like the melodie
That's sweetly played in tune!As fair art thou,
my bonnie lass, So deep in luve am I;
And I will luve thee still, my dear,
Till a' the seas gang dry.
Till 'a the seas gang dry, my dear,
And the rocks melt wi' the sun;
I will luve thee still, my dear,
While the sands o' life shall run.
And fare thee weel, my only Luve,
and fare thee weel a while!And I will come again, my Luve,
Though it were ten thousand mile.

Monday, February 07, 2005

love and pain....

Fragile Heart [jewel]
If u want my heartU have 2 promise not 2 tear it apart
Cause my heartHas been hurt a lot
And it always seemsLove is not sweet,
like in dreams
Something falls through
But I don't want that 2 happen 2 me and u
So be Careful,
warningFragile heart
Last SaturdayWe ate dinner at your parents' placeLast Saturday,
u saidHow u feel will not go away,Well,
all the fishes in the sea Could not be happier than me
Only fools believe thatNothing changes,
nothing leaves
But I need 2 believe that we at leastWill have some dignity
'Cause everything changes
Nothing stays the same
But that's no excuse 2 be casualOr 2 place the blameU have 2 be careful with me..

i got this song from a seems like everyday we're dealing with the same issue when emotions come into play..ahaks..a fact of life that no one could escape..last friday a good friend of mine broke an unexpected news...he said that everything has come to an end..i was so shocked..i thought he was joking...he said to me.."maybe he was looking for someone he liked and not someone that he needed"...what he said makes me think...its true...we can like anyone around us..people we know...but that doesnt mean we really need them..but we can like someone and we really need that person in our life...then only we know how much the person means to us...

to love and to cherish someone you love are wonderful...but the deeper the feeling gets, to me,the more the thought that you're gonna lose that person lingers in your mind...the fact that no one on earth could lose someone u really need..i guess no wonder why there are people who choose to live this life alone...they just cant bear the thought of losing someone they need..coz it really sometimes u can hear thier hearts are exactly breaking...but in life,u can never run away from reality...coz there's only one thing which is is uncertainty...may our faith and beliefs guide us along the way....

Friday, February 04, 2005


this whole week has been the most memorable week for me..too many emotions and conflict that i have to deal with..this is jessup life..everything is so wonderful...every time i go to the moot room i can feel this pleasant aura from my teammates' smiles...alhamdulillah...boon ka is organizing a big party tonight in pizza hut..cant wait..ehehe..

honesty,loyalty,betrayal,frenship..all these appeared in a blink of eyes..there must be a reason why ALLAH has placed me in this kind of learn and to be face this life till the end..

jessup makes realize that im not all alone in this world to fight for something good..the support and prayers form friends and family..make me feel so overwhelmed with gratitude that in the middle of the battle of life..i found a special place that makes me believe in happiness...thank you guys for everything...

just want to thank adrin for secret recipe cakes,mar for the MnM,boon ka for pizza...and a special thank to "YOU" for the lovely caramel candies and your time!!!

Monday, January 31, 2005

thanx guys..for your unfailing support!!!

alhamdulillah...after what we've been through this four months..finally ALLAH helped us to make it through...
i just want to thank my frens for giving us support and for believe in what we do..seriously,if its not because of u guys..we coudn't have made it...thanx guys...and i just want u guys to know that one of the reasons i join jessup is because of you!!!thanx!!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Alhamdulillah..itu jer yang mampu aku lafazkan…dah 3 bulan berhempas pulas wat draft memorial for Jessup..akhirnya siap gak..Allah je tahu camna rasanya..lega sangat..otak dah rasa ringan sangat.. tepat kul 5 fad asma mel and mdm maizatun sampai kat arbitration centre nak hantar memorial kat national administrator…and malamnya lak terus e-mail memorial ke Washington…lega sangat…

Dari hari jumaat kitorang semua bertapa kat moot room...makan,tido,solat,semua kat moot room..kiranya dah 4 hari tak balik bilik…muka sesorang dah macam zombie..tapi still maintain..ahaks..dengan kaftan+jacket,mandi ala2 kambing gurun..semua cukup….it all didn’t matter..asal siap..kire dharurat nih..eheh…tiap2 hari tido kul 4 pagi..tapi hari ahad tu 24 jam tak tido. Wahla!.mmg rekod lah…

Macam2 kenangan sepanjang tempoh darurat ni..terlalu lalu lah banyak..aku bersyukur sangat dapat lalui semua ni dalam hidup…aku bersyukur sebab Jessup ni dah mengajar aku banyak erti kehidupan..erti menghargai kehidupan…(isy..emo laks..)

Sepanjang tempoh tu semua orang cam dah tak btol..bukan stressed out tapi cam kena acute syndrome of radioactive radiation..ehehe..macam2 telatah bebudak ni..meh tengok balik sesorang:

Melati-merangkap captain for the jessupers yang merupakan crewmembers dalam moot room tu..mel ni suka gelak bila ada ja makhluk allah yang wat lawak..tgk dia gelak pon orang lagi nak tergelak…mel jugak sangat taksub dgn coke..hari2 minum coke…kirenya company coke leh go into liquidation kalau mel tak bli coke..eheh..aritu boon ka tanya “u minum coke hari2 ek..mel tanya why..boon ka kata still living hah”..dgn nada mmg innocent..kitorang pon gelak..nasib baik tak kna sumbat tin coke tu..ayah mel gak best..sbb slalu hantarkan makanan kat kitorang yang slalu kebuluran tahap langit ketujuh..tomyam perisa tomatonish and nasik briyani..nyum nyum..masa bulan puasa haritu mak mel masak kat kitorang..terkejut mak dia habis suma lauk..terharu….

Aliza-mmg terkenal dgn remarks cam”cipan berbulu, kambing..beruang”…so kalo dia tgh bercakap mmg perkataan tulah penambah seri ayat2 dia…dia jugak suka menggunakan tone suara gaya2 jac..(ye ker)..aha…bila dia tak keruan dia akan mintak stapler…ntah ada apalah ngan stapler tu..semangat kot....dia akan pusing satu moot room tu cari stapler..pelik tol..tapi lawakla..last2 semua orang punya stapler ada kat dia…

Asma-mmg dikenali sbg miss grammar…jugak seorang poet yang berhemah..contoh ayat yang leh jadi masterpiece kitorang –“previously,frequently,safely”…ada cam “truly,madly deeply” lak bila dengat…asma ni best dibuli..sbb dia akan redha jer…slalu nyanyi pegang botol air-lagu cher..”do you believe”..bergegar satu moot room tu..asma gak seorang yang caring..slalu amek order makanan kitorang..rasa sangat disayangi…

Michelle-miss paparazzi-slalu amek gambar kitorang yang berbaju tido,kaftan n jacket..tak mandi…tapi mahal woo gamba2 tu..when it comes to computer..nama mich akan dipanggil…mmg bestla..bila nak download lagu ke per..mich la tmpt kitorang bergantung harap…sangat lah innocent mich fad tak sampai hati sangat nak buli..kasik can la dia tgk orang lain dibuli…mich jugak tlh mennggayakan tudung dari kain batik…tak pernah lagi seumur hidup tgk gaya tu..mmg kreatif…

Boon ka-di awal perkenalan sangatlah bersopan santun…so tak berapa sesuai nak dijadikan mangsa buli…tapi dipertengahan berkecimpung dalam Jessup dia tlh menunjukkan aksi2 menarik..boon ka sangat gemar menggunakan vocab yang gempak2..contoh-“howbeit,intertwine” and the latest is “tomyam ni sedaplah..rasa tomatonish”..sampai ke saat ni kitorang panggil dia mr. tomatonish.sian boon ka sebab slalu kna panggil sempena nama2 tu…boon ka gak di saat getir nak hantar draft tlh menunjukkan bakat menari ala2 gangster hong kong bila lagu cina kuar..mmg sangat klakar..dia gak ada moto yang best”no food no work”.

Fadiah- apa based on observation and comments from all the jessupers-fad the aggravator and budak suka buli orang..sbb slalu aggravate lawak2 yang dah jadi sampai membuatkan semua orang ingat lawak tu sampai berkurun mangsa yang membuatkan lawak tu terjadi akan terus terusan malu sbb digelakkan…sian ek..but fun though…so semua orang akan berhati2 mengatur kata sbb tak nak jadi mangsa lawak sendiri…3 hari lepas diorang semua kata fad cam “mabuk” sebab cakap ntah apa2,serius tak sedar langsung..leh plead insanity kalo apa2 jadi ni… fad jugak pantang tgk semut2 api kat moot room tu..semua fad bunuh..mmg benar semut2 tu tak pernah kacau orang lain..tapi dia slalu gigit fad..fad sorang lak tu sebagai self-defence terpaksa lah commit genocide kat semut2 tu…

Tulah kitorang….perjuangan masih perlu diteruskan…semoga ALLAH Bantu kitorang..ameen…