Friday, June 27, 2008

Denial of Access to Parliament: Belittling the Ideal of Democracy.

Contributed by Fadiah Nadwa Binti Fikri. (

On 26th June 2008, representatives from Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA (GMI) upon the invitation of the Opposition Leader, Datin Dr. Wan Azizah Wan Ismail held a press conference at the entrance of the Parliament building after being unjustifiably denied access to proceed to the lobby of the Parliament building to hand over a Joint Memorandum in support of victims of torture in conjunction with the International Day Against Torture, particularly those who are being detained under the draconian ISA.

Despite being denied access to the lobby of the Parliament building, a Joint Memorandum by Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA (GMI), Suara Rakyat Malaysia (SUARAM), Amnesty International (AI) and the Bar Council Human Rights Committee (BCHRC) was handed over to the Opposition Leader in front of the main entrance of the Parliament building in the presence of a number of Members of Parliament from Pakatan Rakyat, calling on the Government of Malaysia to show its commitment towards abolishing torture and other forms of ill-treatment by signing, ratifying and implementing the United Nations Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment as well as the Optional Protocol to this Convention (OPCAT).

GMI, a coalition of 80 organizations, is dismayed over the unbecoming action of denying access to concerned citizens by the administration of Parliament. GMI is extremely appalled by this action. It was unnecessary, uncalled for, inappropriate and disrespectful.

The act of denying access to members of the public to be present in Parliament manifests the reversal of the concept of democracy which belittles the rights of the people to be part of the democratic process in the administration of the country.

The Parliament, which symbolizes the ideal of democracy, must at all times acknowledge the rights of the people to be actively involved in the democratic process.

The administration of Parliament should not impose ludicrous rules that would eventually hamper the very ideal of democracy.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

*26th June 2008: International Day Against Torture*

Today, 26th June 2008 marks the International Day Against Torture. GMI had an invitation from the Opposition Leader to be present in Parliament today, to hand over a memorandum condemning the torture that is ongoing in Kamunting Detention Camp.

yesterday, they (Parliament administration) stopped the reporters from performing their duties by denying access to the lobby.appalling.

today, GMI representatives were denied access too. some who got the passes were dragged down the stairs.appalling. "kite dapat arahan untuk tidak berikan pas masuk"--words uttered in the highest level of hypocrisy.

i asked "which rule says this?"his/her silence ticked me off.

Datin Seri Wan Azizah came down. we decided to conduct the press conference a few steps away from the entrance.

disappointed everyone was. how someone can bring himself/herself down, to the lowest of the low. i just couldn't help feeling resented.

it's a long walk and we shouldn't stop, even if it takes forever.

the moment i got in my office, my phone rang, a reporter from al-Jazeera wanted to cover "Malam Himpunan Rakyat Anti ISA" on the 28th which is to be held at Malawati Stadium.

some people say, what we are doing (campaigning for the abolition of ISA) is in vain. some people say we are fighting a losing battle. i wonder, tell that to the ones who have been waiting at home for their loved ones to come back, tell that to the ones who are being left in uncertainties that rip their hearts and souls off every time they miss their loved ones. tell that to the ones who are dying to be heard and judged fairly before a court of law.

tell these stories to ourselves, for our conscience is dying to feel what the eyes cannot see.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Thank You Dear Friends!
Before flying off to Kuching on Friday, I got a phone call and the next thing I knew, I felt so devastated. I called up Kak Laila, and she said everything was gonna be fine. I told myself not to be so whinny about it, for my team and I had done everything that we could to organize the Forum. When something means so much to me that I am willing to give my heart and soul to make it work, pessimism from other people definitely isn't helping.

I took the ERL to Putrajaya to spend the night at my best buddy’s place,Ati, before flying off to Kuching on Friday. I couldn’t help but feeling so affected by what just happened. I sent an sms to Kak Lat and Nalini. It felt good again.

Sometimes doing what I’m doing can at times be so hard, but I know there is always someone out there who is willing to share these hard times with me. There is always someone out there who would pat my back and tell me everything is gonna be fine.

The Forum went well last night. Kudos to all of my comrades who worked so hard to make it a success.

3 day trip to Kuching was a blast. Congrats to Ein on her blissful wedding. I had so much fun in Kuching, the place was ordinary, but the feeling of being surrounded by fun loving friends summed up a perfect weekend getaway.

I’m blessed.

Monday, June 16, 2008




Panelis :
Dato' Ambiga Sreenevasan (Presiden Majlis Peguam Malaysia)

: YB Tian Chua
(MP Batu & Bekas Tahanan ISA)

: Saudara Syed Ibrahim Syed Noh
(Pengerusi GMI)

: Keluarga Tahanan ISA

Moderator : Saudari Fadiah
Nadwa Fikri (AJK Hak Asasi Manusia (HRC)
Majlis Peguam

Tarikh : 17 Jun 2008 (Selasa)

Masa :

Tempat : KL-Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall (SCAH), Jalan
Maharajalela, Kuala Lumpur.

Untuk sebarang maklumat sila
hubungi saudari Nalini di 019 3758912 atau Fadiah di 012

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

SHOCKED?Not at all!

When we talk about the rot in the judiciary, i believe majority of sound mind people are aware of what has been going on in our justice system...another bold revelation by Justice Datuk Ian Chin on Mahathir's Program Latihan Khidmat Negara = Boot Camp Indoctrination Program for all judges!well, nothing unusual i would say...Bravo!

so what's next? Another Royal Commission of Inquiry to be set up? that's what we hope for.

Let's just assume that the finding is in the affirmative, IF we are lucky enough to get Mahathir to remember one thing or two, then what?

Isn't it a little bit of a wishful thinking that the AG would charge those who have contributed tremendously in the creation of the word "CORRUPT"??

Hmm..apalah nak jadi dengan manusia-manusia yang fikir dunia ni tak ada akhirnya...

"demi masa,
sesungguhnya manusia itu berada di dalam kerugian..."

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


i skipped 30 Rock last night as i had to go to bed early because i needed to be sure that i'd be wide awake to watch the most interesting and anticipated game-Holland vs the overrated Italy!

being overrated for being the world cup champ (tho i don't think they deserved the title) would definitely give some extra points for Italy to be voted by prediction that they were gonna win the game.

by being defensive and not taking any risks to create a beautiful finishing ain't gonna work it! Hollanda, coached by Marco Van Basten promised the real taste of football.

Sneijder's finishing was superb!and credit for Edwin Van De Saar (Mr Captain!) or known as Abang Dewey by my family members for great saves!

Looking forward to watching more of Hollanda in action, as the commentator put it "they really worked hard as a team", and i concur!

P/S: Van Persie is back!:)
Vigil in Kamunting: An endless struggle to bring injustice to an end

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Contributed by Fadiah Nadwa Binti Fikri (
Monday, 09 June 2008 09:22pm

Vigil in Kamunting: An endless struggle to being injustice to an endDrizzling rain coincided with the spirit of justice as concerned Malaysians gathered in Kamunting on 7 June 2008 for a candlelight vigil against the draconian Internal Security Act (ISA).

The candlelight vigil which was organized by GMI (Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA) symbolized the struggle with the darkness brought by the inhumane ISA and the undying struggle to bring this flagrant injustice to an end.

All participants gathered at Masjid Jame’ at 7.50 pm before marching 1 km to the Kamunting Detention Camp. It was overwhelmingly heart warming to note that this noble cause transcended racial and religious boundaries as all peace loving Malaysians were united on that night for one cause, that is justice for our fellow Malaysians. All participants waited patiently at the mosque’s compound while waiting for their Muslim friends to finish their Maghrib prayers before proceeding with the walk to the Kamunting Detention Camp.

At 8 pm, the participants started marching with candles in their hands towards the Kamunting Detention Camp under close supervision of the PAS Unit Amal which was assigned to monitor the traffic and safety of all participants. Upon approaching the Detention Camp, the presence of Federal Reserve Unit Police Personnel was noted in front of the main entrance.

The Chairman of GMI, Mr, Syed Ibrahim Syed Noh, announced that the Police gave 15 minutes for the respective representatives of GMI to make their speeches. Mr Syed Ibrahim in his speech thanked the participants for having the courage to participate in the candlelight vigil and manifest their strong resistance to the unjust law of ISA. He also thanked the Selangor State Government for providing transportation for the ISA families and the Perak State Government for supporting the vigil. He also pointed out that all participants had proven to the Government that they were capable of holding a peaceful assembly in the exercise of their right to Freedom of Assembly as enshrined in the Federal Constitution.

Puan Norlaila Othman, the Director of the ‘Free ISA detainees which have been detained for more than six years’ campaign also thanked the participants for their relentless support and tireless effort to fight for this cause.

The peaceful vigil also noted the attendance of assemblymen Chang Lih Kang, Dr. Khalil Idham Lim Abdullah, Mohd Anuar Sidin, Yee Seu Kai, Abdul Yunus Jamhari, Sungai Siput parliamentarian Dr S. Jeyakumar and Perak senior executive councillor Datuk Ngeh Koo Ham.

The Islamic Party of Malaysia (PAS) women's wing secretary Aiman Athirah, Socialist Party of Malaysia (PSM) protem secretary general S. Arutchelvan, a number of bloggers and activists were also among those who participated in the vigil. The vigil ended peacefully at 9.30 pm.

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Friday, June 06, 2008

Of Petrol Price Hike

Wednesday, 4 June 2008, 820pm- as i was on my way to Suaram office for my GMI meeting which usually only takes 5 minutes drive from my house, i was struck by the fact that there was a bumper to bumper crawl along the stretch and i was stuck in the traffic jam for 30 minutes.

i sang along every song that was on the radio, and i was trying my best not to scream my lungs out as a sign of protest against this irresponsible and appalling act of the Government of the day! main teka teki via sms with my comrade helped me to maintain my sanity.

it was 5 metres away yet it seemed so far.

it was 1015pm and i finally made it to the meeting.

just a thought:

why do people still wait for hours and get caught in a massive traffic jam just to fill up the petrol, knowing that tomorrow was not gonna make any difference?knowing that tomorrow and for God knows how long they still have to push this cruel fact down their throats and there's nothing much they can do about it?

it's IS a big difference for every single cent that they can save for one night getting caught in the horrible traffic jam as that single cent can be given to their kids to buy food at school, that every single cent that they saved can be used to buy some candies for their kids, that every single cent that they saved can be used to buy something for dinner.

some say: we have to increase the petrol price as the global market price is increasing!No, the fact is, it's just a speculation.Speculation initiated by the ever determined capitalists who are determined to corrupt the whole world with their corrupt minds and their dirty little hands.

some say: hey, bersyukurlah..Singaporeans are paying more than we are!No, the fact is, they are paying 2.26 per litre and we are paying 2.70 per litre bearing in mind that an average Singaporean who earns three times more than an average Malaysian pays only RM2.26 per litre compared to an average Malaysian who is miserably paid hence qualify him/her to be lumped in a group of people who still live below the poverty line. wow!what an achievement Malaysia!a developing country that has bountiful of natural resources and also a petronas account that forever remains a best kept secret.

and please don't treat us as if we are a bunch of mentally incapable of reasonable thinking citizen by making comparison to Singapore, because you know what? Singapore happens not to be an oil producer nation!.

and some could never be bothered for they're being deeply drowned in self-centredness.

hmm..i'm worried of what's gonna happen to my beloved country.

as i was listening to Red FM yesterday, one caller said : can the Government stop conducting conferences at 5 star hotel already, and please cut down on first class flight for the officers.

and i couldn't agree more.

*praying hard that God will protect us, the citizen of this country*

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A matter of Principle

It was 12pm in the afternoon, every one was so excited to have a ride on the jet ski. The scorching heat was burning my skin, but the excitement trumped the worrying thought of forgetting to bring along my sun block lotion.

He said : “jet ski is RM40.00 per person”.
And we said : “let’s go for it”.

We had so much fun, forgetting that we had loadsa of responsibility to think about back in KL.

Parasailing looked tempting. So we asked the guy:

“how much do we have to pay for that?’
He said : “RM80 for one go, maximum 2 persons”.

I asked again : “RM80 for two persons?” He nodded.

My friends asked the same question, he gave the same indication. “one go RM80”.we asked again “RM80 for two persons”.he gave a positive indication.

Being overly excited up there, I decided to do parasailing twice…the feeling was fantastic..something to die for..

It was almost 3pm, we had to leave for a wedding at 7, we asked the guy how much do we have to pay for everything. And he said “ RM960.00”.

And we were stunned, “aren’t we supposed to pay RM720”? And he said “No! It’s RM80 per person for parasailing, so one go is RM160?!”

My friends told the guy that it was agreed otherwise! He said No.

I didn’t say a word. Still digesting what had transpired. We decided to just pay. Being me, I don’t really like to argue on how much this or that costs. If I want something, I’ll just pay for it. I just kept quiet (still drowned in excitement I believe).

….still in the process of regaining my true self or rather senses…

Wait a minute!

There’s always an exception of course. I only agree to buy or pay for something when I’m aware of the price and later on agree to it. IF there is a clear intention from the other party to cheat, your own funeral!

And my friends were like:

“Fad, kite kena tipu ni Fad, kita kna dapat balik duit kita..”
“Fad, diorang tipu lawyer tu…”
“Locals pon diorang berani tipu tu..”

And I said “locals ke, foreigner ke, lawyer ke, it’s wrong!”..

After a while I finally managed to get back my senses (time to stand for every one’s right, excitement aside!).

And I heard Nad was saying “sudah..diorang ni nak cari pasal ngan Fad”.

I told my friends to follow me and find the person who first introduced us to the water sports service.

He was away, but there was this one nice uncle who was being so helpful to get us to talk to this guy. He managed to talk to the guy on the phone and the guy wanted to talk to me.

I explained what happened and he was like “I’m so sorry about that, ill teach my boys a lesson!”.

And he said “where do you stay? I’ll come afterward and refund your money”.

And I said “it’s either you ask one of the boys to come and see me right now and refund the money or ill go straight to the nearest police station and lodge a report”.

And he said “ok ok, I’ll ask one of the boys to come and refund your money.”.

We waited.

He came with another guy…and he said “kenapa saya nak pulangkan duit..memang RM160 one go!”.

I couldn’t help bombarding him with every single fact of the incident. All I could remember saying was the word “right”.

My friends just watched what was happening religiously. I was going on and on.

I heard Far was saying “ha kan dah kena ngn Fad, walaupun dia yang paling excited main all the rides, jangan ingat boleh cari pasal!”.

Points after points, they finally agreed to refund our money! I had a feeling that they wouldn’t be giving us the exact amount of money, it was kinda predictable in a situation where someone was planning to cheat you. And I was telling myself “question of liability is settled, now the quantum is disputed! (isy..can I not think about work for a sec?!)

I was right, they refused to refund the exact amount of money they owed us…suddenly there was some guy who wanted to talk to me on the phone, (bawak satu geng nak lawan pompuan)..and he was being so harsh by saying it was partly our fault!again..his funeral!

I asked him “May I know your name?” and he said “my name is R”.

F: can you come and see me now because I want to talk to you!
R:No, I cannot come, I am meeting my big boss.
F: let me talk to your big boss!I want to see him personally!

I was going on and on and I could feel blood was rushing up to my head. Then I said if they still refused to refund our money, we’d lodge a police report and bring this matter to CAP (Consumers Association of Penang). And he was like ..”sorry sorry, please take back your money and please don’t lodge any report on this”..i took the money and walked off!

God, what a day!

It wasn’t so much about the money, it was a matter of principle..when something is wrong, it’s wrong, nothing can make it right…in conclusion, there’s nothing more empowering than knowing your right and fighting for it!

Despite all that, I still love Penang.