Thursday, December 29, 2011

And I'm writing again...

I find it weird that I'm actually writing on this blog I've left idle for so long.No, I didn't injure my head when I fell into the stream on my way up the hill and sprained my ankle.

God it was painful, but I didn't feel a thing when it happened.All I could remember was how hard we laughed our heads off over the incident.

Yes,I'm writing again.It has been so long, I just feel like I have to come out of the glass house I built just enough to fit myself.

Year-end never fails to make me feel this way.It's pretty hard to explain the feeling.But all I know is, life is short and therefore I choose not to ask irrelevant questions.

I just feel like sharing a quote from a friend which popped up yesterday,"if life is not screwed up, there'll be no poetry".And that should be quote of the year!