Wednesday, July 25, 2007

when i was little, my teacher used to tell this famous quote "loving one's country is one of the branches of faith".But it's pretty ironic that i constantly have the intention of running away from this country-finding neverland??(which i'll never do of course)-and the only reason that makes me feel that way is because of the irrationality and idiocy of the Government. as i was driving to work, there was a news on the radio stating that "Bloggers who spread rumours will be imposed with harsh consequences or subject to the ISA".there's nothing much that i could say, 50 years of independence is just a mere saying that's worth going down the drain, as long as there are still individuals who are holding the trust of the people using primitive measure(which they always do) every time they chicken out when (most of the time) they make a major, irreparable screw up with the tax payers money!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

a lovely surprise by my housemates, thanks to far,yati, kak zimah and faj..and to all dear frens for the wishes...:)

Monday, July 02, 2007

Sabah... all that i could think about was its great seafood and beautiful island in the sun..and only God knows why i decided to climb Mount Kinabalu in the first place...even i couldn't wrap my mind around it until was a bittersweet memory..a considerable amount of pain and suffering on the way up which took about 12 hours to the summit, and the 9 hours ouch-ing pain on the way down....with zero training, (other people told me that they had 6 months training before coming) i still couldn't imagine how i did it...many backed out before they even reached the summit...i could hardly feel my leg, my toe nails were numb and they were about to come off, i couldn't digest the word food as i would throw up just thinking of it...ive heard about people going up and down the mountain sounded nothing to me, but now everything has wasn't was friends and i took 8 hours before we reached the 1st was raining and cold...

we had a rest until 1.00 am and continued our journey to the summit at 2.00 was so dark and all that i had with me was my flash was quiet i could barely hear nothing but the was getting harder for each gloves were soaking wet and when i looked back, there was no one behind me..i started to freak out and i just kept going..suddenly i heard john, the mountain guide was calling me...what a i was going further up, there were many people behind me, it was kinda fun to look at the moving light right behind me coming from the flash i went further up, it was really hard to breathe..i started coughing and vomiting (which was so not cool!!!)..and it was interesting that while i was still throwing up, suddenly someone patted by shoulder and said "it's ok fad, slowly ok.."..then came another person who did the same thing and i couldn't even tell who...the spirit of solidarity among the!!but i couldn't act cool no more, i told john i wanted to back out and i didn't think i could pull this off...he told me i could pull this off and he was gonna be right next to me along the way...seriously, if it wasn't for john, i was pretty sure that i would be headed back to the hostel....i continued until we reached a spot where every one must hold on to a rope and climb was dark and i had no idea what the place looked like.all that i could feel was we were climbing on a vertical line...finally we got to the second check point at 4.00 am...we made it through...if we arrived at the check point by 4.30 am, we wouldn't be allowed to continue climbing to the summit...pretty amazing for amateurs eh?:)...

it was another 2 hours journey to the summit...we were so exhausted that we could hardly make a single step..john literally dragged us up and kept saying we were gonna make it...10 steps at a time..stopped for 5 seconds for a was 6 am and we could see the was amazing...all the pain seemed to disappear for a was worth it..and i realized how strong the power of mind could be...every one was so thrilled...

on the way down which took another 7 hours, with my legs were all shivering, all that i could remember saying was "God..why am i doing this..why?????but please help me get down...." (it's either do or i was gonna be stuck there forever)...for me, it was the most miserably painful yet a meaningful experience ive ever had in my entire life...i learned what life is all about...all those bumpy rides, pain and losing hope, determination and spirit, the power of mind..all wrapped up in one...and im so grateful that i eventually pulled it off...someone asked me "would you want to come again?"..i said "im gonna miss this place, but NO thanks">>