Thursday, February 23, 2012

Why are we even here?

Sometimes I just couldn't help but feel like the big world is just standing in front of me, waiting to swallow me, and I would just disappear into nothingness.

KL said I shouldn't be feeling this way,I may get burned out."I've seen this happen to my friends", she said.

I understand the worries.How we can't afford to be burned out, being in this lonely struggle.I couldn't imagine what it's gonna be like if this lonely struggle gets lonelier than it already is.

Devastated by what happened yesterday in court, I started questioning "why are we even here?" when people are dying, suffering and all we see is more and more people killing their conscience right before our own eyes, proudly living their lives when in fact they are dead inside.

S said:

"It's an uphill battle, a long struggle. You know what, despite all this, we know we do the right thing, our conscinece is clear, we might lose now, but we can go home with a clear conscience. And who are the real losers? It's them. Their conscience is dead."

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