Thursday, May 29, 2008

'of public lecture on respect'

I had a matter in PJ Magistrate's Court this morning. As I was walking towards the Court's compound, i heard some noise coming from the guard house.."hai kak..selamat pagi, jalan baik2 (laughing)..."..And I was wondering "am I at the Central Market bus station or what?!"..I told myself not to react first because I didn't wanna ruin my mood before my case even started. But that didn't mean that I was just gonna let them get away with that.. I was hoping that on my way out after I finished my case, the Guards were gonna do the same thing..

I was so I was on my way out, these words were uttered "eh jalan ada barang jatuh la..(laughing).."..I quickly turned around, I looked at their faces and these words came out:

"Excuse me,awak ni bekerja di Mahkamah kan, boleh tolong hormat semua orang yang ada dan datang sini?? hormat semua orang!"

They were stunned.

"tolong jaga adab dan hormat semua orang di Mahkamah ni!"..they were like "baik..baik".

I walked off. There you go. A free 'public lecture' on Thursday morning!

Nothing can bring me to my highest boiling point than to see people being rude to women just because they are women.

Would they do this to some guy on the street? No! They wouldn't. So it is our duty to teach them a lesson or two. Respect women for you can prevent yourself from being idiotically uncivilized!

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