Tuesday, January 30, 2007

i just finished watching the f.a cup match between man u and Portsmouth...a nice game...amazing first half performance by each team...and what makes it interesting was i was watching it with abang (the ever arsenal die hard fan who has successfully converted all his friends who initially were fans of another teams but arsenal)..and i quote his rare and once in a lifetime remark during the first half ..."main bola ni kna smart...and kat england ni arsenal n man u saja yang main smart.." and i was speechless..what a shocker!!!i guess at times people who watch football watch the game and make rational conclusion...i admit that Portsmouth played very well tonight...campbell was so good in defending...and at the end of the game..we win...2-1..rooney was tremendous..so to people out there who keep saying that man u fans are fanatical..i guess you would want to change that perception...that perception might have worked back in the 1990s where beckham was playing in man u...ive been with man u since i was in form 3..not because of the famous handsome beckham...but its the same reason why you people out there choose to be arsenal or chelsea or even reading's fans...some people could never understand why we watch football...for people who love football...we are not fanatical...what really matters is the spirit and the ability to enjoy 90 minutes of non-stop drama and hard work..wise decision making...accuracy..strategies and patience...

i guess enough about football...hmm..early this morning about 9.30 i received a call from toni...when i picked up the phone she was like "fad!!!fad kna tolong toni...emergency ni"!!! and at that very moment my hand was grabbing my car key with the impression that i'd come to her rescue..even knowingly that toni was in kl..eheh...i was asking her why and i was so worried...then she passed her phone to a guy...and this guy was saying.."fad..jom p jakarta bulan 6 ni"..and it was adi..it just so happened that adi and toni were in the same bus going to work and suddenly they came across this super saving air ticket to jakarta...i was so relived and we were laughing like hell....hmm...that really made my day...

Monday, January 29, 2007

i think as of now..im a type of person that loses the commonly stereotype interpretation by common people...i guess the correct interpretation of what i am now is it has nothing to do with anything that i do...confused i might sound..but that's the only answer i can afford to give to people around me...

Friday, January 26, 2007

  • The road is long and full of difficulties. At times we wander from the path and must turn back; at other times we go too fast and separate ourselves from the masses; on occasions we go too slow and feel the hot breath of those treading on our heels. In our zeal as revolutionists we try to move ahead as fast as possible, clearing the way, but knowing we must draw our sustenance from the mass and that it can advance more rapidly only if we inspire it by our example.--the legendary che guevara--

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

this whole week has been quite different as I could see new faces in black blazer, walking back and forth with their files..and i guess they're the new chambies...i dont really know them but somehow some of them stopped me and "fad!!!"..and i was "ya..."as i was smiling and telling things that they were asking me..right there at the back of my head i was kinda busy doing some thinking..figuring out their names and what batch they belong to...i kept on talking to them as if i know their names..

i know its kinda bad of me not to remember people's name...but believe me that i do care to know them..sometimes as i was walking up and down the court, someone who i barely knew who happens to be the court staff..lawyers..addressing me by my name and the usual remark "adik firhat kan??"..and later i would straight away ask my brother who that and this person is..because i guess its kinda rude not to know people's name who know you...hmm..this chambering experience really taught me a lot..my words of advise to these new chambies.."go through these 9 months..once you've completed it...you've won a battle.."..yes indeed its true..all the hard work..judges' idiosyncrasies..a normal standard of bureaucracy..the "im the next greater person after the judge" interpreters' attitude...loopy clients...accountability to various people...this is what chambering is all about..all in one package...many have forfeited it..and yet the ones who still survive are obviously the sole survivors...

but the good things are way beyond words could explain..as today..ive got a matter in the High Court..after mentioning the case..the client..Madam See sat next to me and we started talking...she told me her side of sad story..how her husband got cheated by a friend at the expense of her house to be sold..how people have been doing bad things to her...and she told me about her good Malay neighbors...how they respect one and another..and suddenly she cried..and i told her that to me she is a good person...good things will come along...as long as we do the right thing..never put an end in doing good things...but to people who have been doing bad things..they will get it back in no time..she asked me "you too believe in that?"..i told her.."yes..because God knows everything.."..she wiped her tears...and i told her..things are gonna be fine...

Monday, January 22, 2007

this entry is specifically dedicated to arseNGal (did i spell it wrong??-like i care!!)...dont get me wrong for not replying to the sms-es that kept on disturbing my beauty sleep..i was running out of credit..and here is a special reply to those who sent me those sms-es!!!

as i was driving to the court today...a caller introducing herself as man u fan on hitz fm said..before that a staunch fan of chelsea who happened to a be a guy fan, cried as he still couldnt accept the defeat of his team...this man u fan called and asked rudy and jj.."are u sure the guy who just cried is not jose maurinho???"-that was awesome..but later, jj and rudy asked her.."so what happened last nite??"..she replied.."it's okay..we can lose a game and be on top..we'll be okay"..and i was like.."wow..how cool we are as man u fans...she's right..and gunners have to keep on winning in order not do fall down the chart..to all man u fans out there..what we are is purely not sour grapes...way to go!!!dear all man u loyal fans!!!keep the spirit of football alive!!!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

hail liverpool!!!!

im not a big fan of liverpool but last nite's victory over chelsea really thrills me...to chelsea fans (and gunners who wish that liverpool lose so that they can be on top of chelsea)..chelsea just made us suffocate today...because the the world is running out of oxygen because humiliation just fills up the air...thanks to liverpool for bringing chelsea down!!!

like usual before a big match id have a conversations with nad and it went :

nad : "sian la peter cech..pakai helmet..."

me: "i hope kyut will score huge tonite and get the good feeling of smacking cech's helmet..."

and 4 minutes later..kuyt scored the first goal..and..

"i knew it..kuyt!!1my hollanda!!!"

nad: "ur wish has been granted"..

later in the middle of the game:

nad: "chelsea main apa ni?!cam main batu seremban. hampeh..defenders cam ****

me: "that's how they play all this while, the second real madrid..menhancurkan futbal prestige!!"

and the game ended with 2 nil against chelsea...and i was so thrilled to see jose maurinho's face in having to deal with the defeat...

and tonite...glory2 man u!!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

i nicked this from a friend...i find it..hmm.."sublime"-and my comments-a pledge of friendship carries as much weight as keeping a trust--(i guess it doesn't apply to people who ditch you when they've found their girlfriends or boyfriends or people who just forget you when you're no longer around...-to some people out there--no offence)

"aku mencintai sahabatku dengan segenap
jiwaku. Sahabat yang baik adalah yang
seiring denganku dan menjaga nama
baikku ketika aku hidup atau selepas
mati. Kuhulurkan tangan kepada
sahabatku untuk berkenalan kerana aku
akan berasa senang. Semakin ramai
sahabat, aku semakin percaya diri. Aku
selalu berharap mendapat sahabat
sejati yang tidak pernah luntur baik
dalam suka atau duka. Jika aku
temuinya, aku ingin setia padanya’' –
Imam Syafie.

Friday, January 12, 2007

The amount of poverty and suffering required for the emergence of a Rockefeller, and the amount of depravity that the accumulation of a fortune of such magnitude entails, are left out of the picture, and it is not always possible to make the people in general see this.-Ernesto Che Guevara.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

after all these years..im glad to realize that ive been a believer...sometimes there are questions hanging over my head which i guess i dont have any idea what they are all about...but i know that these questions are not meant to be answered... as im no longer interested to unveil the answers...and i guess that's the whole point of believing..to believe that everything that happens is not left unwritten...

i guess to believe does take a helluva job...because all u need to deal with is faith in God that you do not question your destiny...it 's how you accept it...i guess this question had been long deliberated by the great scholar al ghazzali in his renowned philosophical work...

and up to this point i only have one thing to say..that im so grateful to be blessed with all the things that God had given me...sometimes when things get so hard He makes it easy for me to deal with..and sometimes i always wonder how on earth i could survive so many unearthly complexities in very single thing that i do...and im more than happy to live my life in simplicity...despite the fact that me myself has been a complex subject even to my understanding...but now..i keep telling myself that this is what i want and this is how i want it to be..and im glad that i have not changed as im still me as i was and if i may change its only for the better...and if someone out there has been questioning on my commitment to what i used to believe in..i guess he/she is all wrong...because im still who i am...and if something may break..believe me that it s not me who decides on it...because what i said is what i believed in..and im pretty sure i will not risk my belief by turning my back on things that ive said....

and i guess that wraps up my revolution this year...to still be me and not trying to be someone else...and not trying to be someone else but me..and to those who accept me just the way i was and i am...thank you....

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

" with covered eyes im wandering in that place..sometimes when I'm alone I wonder..is it a spell that I'm under..keeping me from seeing the real thing..."..

Saturday, January 06, 2007

As I’m being blown away by the light grenades by incubus at this moment, a memory of yesterday makes me wonder of what life is all about…to me it is not of something objective…and its subjectivity is sometimes not within the perimeter of human comprehension..i’d opt to leave it that way…that makes it a wonder,ain't it???

Mak,mak chaq,abang,kakak halimah,adik and me went to penang yesterday…to kill the time and to check out the new mall opened in Penang..a half day walk around Qeensbay mall was a blast…kakak wanted to buy a bangle…about one hour being in the largest Poh Kong in Malaysia according to its boss..Mr Eric Choong who happened to be an alor starian (if there’s such a word) was really friendly and funny I would say…as kakak was so into this one Italian-design bangle.. I couldn’t take my eyes of this one carat diamond ring…I got so hooked up by this darling…and Mr Eric gave the ring for me to try it on…and I was like floating up in the sky…and it costs RM 84, 999.00…God…it is so darn expensive…but I couldn’t love it more than I do…ahahaha…and I was wondering…how on earth could I have it…a mediocre I am…soon to be an advocate & solicitor..sounds fancy eh???believe me…its not…being a lawyer equals to being a mediocre…the work is drudgery…you get paid as equal as the hard drudgery work…

and when we look around us…who are the ones getting all utopian dreams…people who are sucking up their superiors..people who are self-absorbed, selfish on material gains..and celebrity who don’t have to study as hard as I do or other people do..and people who really achieve intellectually and nobody cares to give them the datukship for their intellectual achievement…it doesn’t sound fair sometimes aint it…but this is what is real…and I guess the sayings that “world is the prisoner for the people of faith”…and I guess it is fairly just that Heaven is the eternal reward for righteous people…its just that we have to endure the temporal pain in exchange for an infinite pleasure in the hereafter…

hmm..back to my story…we had fun spending our time together..kidding around..enjoying the sunset by feringghi beach…screaming as a horse was trying to be adorable to me…got back home late at night….and when I was to get in bed…turned the light off…someone was knocking on my door…and it was abang firhat and I was like “awat??” and he came to me and tickled my foot saying “janganla tidoq..tak rock la tidoq..bangunla…”and I was screaming like crazy…no wonder why my nails grow fast..because there was this old saying that if you scream a lot …ull grow your nails fast…and this morning..not really morning…as I was still dreaming..i felt like someone tickling my foot again…it was my brother again..i had to get up from bed…J

Thursday, January 04, 2007

as humanity is persistently receiving a patronizing treatment by those who have been chanting the slogan on "war on terror" and the ever expanding Islamophobia... i couldnt dedicate my admiration to no other than the deserving Iranian President-Mahmoud Ahmadinejad..for he is the pnly man in the form of human creation, in the name of a lawful governance of a lawful nation has the nerve to face the anticipated threats which i believe that now it has been materialised (the sanction by the UN)...for he is the only man i guess that has the courage to go against the grain when the whole world is under the conscious influence of abhorrent cowardice and selfishness of the temporal worldly gain...under the patronizing control of the zionist, the US and the criminals of war against humanity...im glad to see such essence transpiring out of one soul when what is left in this whole world is nothing but hypocrisies and deception..and i believe that he has the force to bring back the glorious revolution on humanity and justice when the world is sinking down in devastation....-a thought that has been bottling up in me for quite so long...but the reading of 2006 Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's official letter to the American people is really awakening....