Saturday, May 17, 2008

and E said "sabar adalah sebahagian daripada sabarudin"..even though it is very much deviated from the right saying , even though it only invited a hysterical laugh from me (sorry about that, it was darn funny) which is "sabar adalah sebahagian daripada iman"..i still get what he's trying to say.

well, seriously, you (it could be just about anyone) can by all means forward my comments/view points to almost anyone be it the ministers or even George Bush for that matter. it's pretty obvious that i make my blog open to public for an obvious reason : to get my opinions across!
and to appreciate the art of expressing one's opinion and be open to criticism and constructive discussion.

thank God that there are still people who can understand and respect that.

"if i knew accessing internet through my phone would cause so much confusion (yah, instead of sending it to "all" and not to some individual, i'd rather stick to my old conservative phone..hmm.on second thot, why should i even bother?as long as people get what i'm trying to say..i'm glad...:)"--(me talking to myself)

oh how interesting life can really amuses me.

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