Sunday, February 08, 2009

Another fulfilling Saturday

Usually on Saturday, if I have absolutely nothing to do, I would be sleeping the whole day and will only have my lunch at 4 or 5. With so many things happening lately, I hardly get the opportunity to do that.

At 1030 am, me and my friends had a meeting with kak lat to discuss about setting up a working team to help out people of lembah pantai on various issues. We are still recruiting young passionate people who are interested to volunteer to join the team. Official meeting with yb lembah pantai will be held on this Tuesday night. If you are interested to contribute something to the community, please give me a call.

It’s good to have a meeting in the morning, particularly on weekend as I would be compelled to wake up early and have my breakfast. I always love the idea of having breakfast with close friends on weekend which I will only be able to do if I have a meeting in the morning.

At 12, murnie and I rushed to mentari project to facilitate one of the classes held on that day. For this new term, the number of students has increased to 70. We are in need of volunteers to help facilitate the sessions which are divided into three groups, standard 4 and standard 5, standard 6, form 1 and form 2 students.

Had a stimulating discussion with yasir, cikgu mawarni and murnie on our future plans for the kids. We come up with 4 values that all mentari kids ought to have:

1) sincerity
2) respect
3) honesty
4) integrity

We also list out the responsibility that mentari kids ought to fulfill:

1) to one-self
2) to one’s family
3) to one’s community
4) to one’s society
5) to the world at large

The first project that we are gonna do is to invite people from komas to conduct an activity/training on racism and discrimination at our second language camp which is going to be held on 14 march 2009.

We also plan to invite the legal aiders to conduct a training on the issue of sexual harassment involving kids in April 2009.

In May we are gonna teach the kids about the world poverty and how it is inter-related with the 4 values that they ought to inculcate within themselves.

murnie and I then rushed to our legal aiders meeting which was scheduled at 3. After discussing the agenda of the meeting, we had a documentary screening of 10 tahun sebelum merdeka by fahmi reza. I watched this documentary last year. Totally in love with it.

The facts presented in this documentary are the ones missing in our history textbook back in school. You can go visit the national library and read the books which inspire the maker to make this documentary. The books are still kept there, they have always been there.

The documentary revealed the struggle of the people to fight for independence 10 years before 1957. It revealed the resistance of the people to 1946 constitutional proposals for Malaya drafted by the British, umno and the kings, which deliberately excluded the people and their interests as people of Malaya.

These are the facts embedded in history that we barely know of.
If your independent mind is still on for quest for truth, you can visit

After the meeting ended, all of us went for a hang out at mamak and fahmi invited every one to go watch acoustic performance for Palestine at 9pm.

Got back at 11. It had been a long day. A long day that left me with an indescribable good feeling that trumps exhaustion. Fulfilling is the word. I’m grateful.