Monday, May 12, 2008


i always tell myself and admit the fact that i sometimes don't seem to care about almost anything that is revolving around me, including my own self.but what really bothers me as i grow older each day is the fact that i couldnt be a good daughter to my mom, the fact that she loves me so much that most of the time i get to do things my way.she still buys me loadsa things that i like, she'll send me me vitamins every time i tell her i'm not feeling well.she'll send me my renewed road tax slip every time i need to get it renewed.she buys me nice collection of baju kurung so that i won't be wearing the same old baju kurung over and over again. she would cry for me whenever she sees me crying. and today i just wanna let her know that i love her so much, more than anything else.

mak, happy mother's day:)

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