Monday, May 12, 2008

Mentari Project Field Trip, 11th May 2008 was our first field trip and it was a blast, kudos to all 'cikgu-cikgu' (volunteers) for making this trip a memorable one. i always love these kids, they never fail to make me laugh, they never fail to bore me..they might be a little naughty and loud during classes hence the constant 'lecture' by Cikgu Fad, but yesterday, they had been so good the entire time..they got so excited that they wanted to experience almost everything at petroscience. every one was so thrilled about the trip:)

Group One rocks!
sky bridge here we come!
Group One: Cikgu Afif, Cikgu Fad, Athirah, Rashidah, Syahirah and Khairina:)
The Volunteers (cikgu-cikgu)

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