Thursday, May 12, 2011

Pandy kutty

I still remember how I got to know what pandi kutty means. It happened four months ago, when I was on the way back with my friends from Tenang to Kuala Lumpur.

S: Tell akka, I’m a good protégé!

KL: Protégé? Tell protégé he is pandi kutty!

Me: What is pandi kutty?

N: You didn’t know?

Me: Not that I knew of, but I know Sri Paandi restaurant in PJ. Their pavukai puriyal is good!

KL: You never heard of it at school?

Me: Nope, never. In Kedah we never used the word pandi kutty.

KL: In KL everyone knows what pandi kutty is. Sure you never heard of it?

Me: No, what does it mean?

KL: Pandi kutty means little brother.

N: Yup, little brother.

Me: Really? So Sri Paandi is brother…Sri?

KL: Cute brother.

Me: Oooh……Hey, why are you guys smiling? Tell me the truth!

KL&N: It really is little brother!

Me: Now I doubt it, tell me what is pandi kutty!

N: It’s little pig, isn’t it cute? Pandi kutty!

Me: I knew it wasn’t little brother! Pandi kutty,how cute!

I never knew that the word pandi kutty could have such an immense impact on Malaysia political atmosphere as compared to the issue of government’s serious plan to build nuclear plants even after we have witnessed our football stadium collapse, mind you without any help from detonators!

Friday, May 06, 2011

Never Alone

The stillness is unfurling itself.Showing how beautiful freedom is and it's still worth fighting for.The tears, the hope,the winding roads will not evaporate in vain.

The fiendish chaos that terrorized the soul has subsided. The wounded soul has finally found its comfort in the pristine bonding of conviction that resides in the flesh and bones that define what it is to be human.

Blessed.To know that you are never alone.