Sunday, July 30, 2006

Suara duka angin Gazza
Gegar jantung bumi kita
Nyawa anak di hujung senjata
Tangisan bonda hanya sia-sia
Masirah anak al-durrah
Netzarim bermandi darahBegitu megah mata memandang dusta
Masirah dalam amarah
Hilang kalam kebenaranKudrat alam hanya menjadi rebutan
Berbaris-barislah ke satu arah
Jangan sampai berpisah menyusun langkah
Mencari-cari erti kedamaian
Di dalam jiwa tersirat jawapan
Masirah anak al-durrah
Netzarim lambang perjuanganKita menanti tangan pembelaan
Masirah dalam amarah
Hilang kalam kebenaran
Kudrat alam hanya menjadi rebutan
Masirah anak al-durrah
Netzarim lambang perjuangan
Kita menanti (kita menanti) tangan pembelaan
Masih menanti tangan pembelaan
(m nasir/s amin shahab)

Monday, July 24, 2006

there's only one thing that i cant bear or even look on human massacre...particularly on muslims by the zionists(la'natullahi alaikum)..long and old same issue according to some..but the tears and the suffering of those fighting in the name of their religion can never explain to us what it really feels...small children are dying and i cant barely look at this one palestinian boy on the front page of yesterday;s mewspapaer..

is there anything that we can do..some say..No..some dont even bother to spend a sec to give this sad story a practical..there's nothing we can do..some say...there's always something we can least a single sec in our prayer..

my mom asked me..the never ending calamity in indonesia..what was the real reason..muslims being slaughtered with no sense of humanity...i guess the answer is with us...maybe we are being too complacent with what we have right a peceful country some would say...just because we are not being tested like what the indonesians..or the lebanese or the iraqis or the palestinians..does that give us the right to just to think of ourselves and not doing anything..because of this selfishness our muslim brothers are being tested with these unbearable devastating stories..because of our sins...

we should be grateful because God stll gives us the chance to rectify the mistakes we've been doing..but up until now..nothing seems to change...history taught a the only reason people around the globe live until be civilised...i still remeber what Lord Denning used to say...he said that religion will always be the basis of the law...but now the trend seems to suggest otherwise..our naked eyes can see how persistent certain individuals..graduate of uia in particular..fighting for this orthodox secular sentiment of segregating religion and people in the name of modernity put aside the religion..indeed it is condecsending and unacceptable..people tend to mix up what is clearly forbidden in religion with modernity..
and how ignorant statement is freely made without any knowledge in religion...and this is reality...and people commit sins publicly and yet they have the guts to tell people that actually they are from a religious institution..intolerable...

and one more thing i would like to add..this thing has been botlling up my chest for quite some time..the issue of hijab..or tudung...almost everywhere now islam is being misunderstood..badly..purposely and with massive ignorance..even worse when the muslims themselves get in the picture to insult the religion..its almost everywhere and one simple example is when i watched globe trekker when the host of this program visited saudi arabia and uae and what she commented on wearing hijab or tudung by our muslim women..she basically said "it was so sad that these women are deprived of their freedom by having to wear the tudung"-i gto so upset to come to notice this kind of perspective..when im wearing tudung i never feel deprived or restricted by my religion..and same goes to those who wear tudung...just for a simple reason..its a sign of obedience to God's order and this is the only way we show that we're committed to our religion..

So..its a sin then being committed to religion???just because we are not being exactly the same as the westerners, that means our religion is depriving us????indeed the historical fact on imperialisme that took place ages ago was and is always right coz the westerners with their"beban orang putih" sentiment would do almost anything so that the whole world could be just like them at the expense of Our religion???wake up people...its still the same story we're being taught to ponder upon...

im not saying that im the right person to talk about obedience in religion because me myself i admit that there are alot of things that i need to change..but the least that we could do when it comes to to preseve the sanctity of this value--tHE RELIGION--What u do in ur life indeed is between u and God but please in the name of humanity stop goofing around with religion because whatever that we do will be answerable before our own Creator...and no one can ever escape...

Monday, July 17, 2006

first of all i would like to say a million thanx to my frens for such lovely really is gonna make me cry..come to realize that there are many people who are praying for me...thanx..and for those who sent their wishes after midnite..i' like to apologize if i ever sent a groggy reply..still semi conscious as i slept early last nite...

to ati..thanx for the song..hmm...tyanx for knowing me inside out..cant help myself but to cry for the song..=(..

life has been wonderful lately..nice colleagues at work..yesterday when i opened my drawer i was screaming coz i found many guitar chords for my favourite songs..thanx to my office mate for having to search for them in dusty boxes under the bed..ehehe..

and i cant help myself but to laugh at asma's and nad's wishes today...and to my brother's sms yesterday and sms to him yesterday''keselamatan pengharian jadiaanmu..semoga berpanjangi keumuran.."and he replied"terimalah kasihmu kerana mengucapinyer!''

and today i got an sms from him"hey,selamatkan pengharian jadimu hari ini,mudah-mudahkan pemanjangikeumuranmu lah!" and i replied"penerimaan pengasih diatas berucapanmu itu!"..


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

"...forgive...for in forgiveness lies serenity...."10/07/06

Monday, July 03, 2006

this e mail by sir iqbal really tickles me..and it exactly and precisely support what i really think about football is not just a plain football involves human values...right under our nose...

. . . in football, the rule is unambiguously clear: your job is simply to put the ball in the net (opponent's net obviously) that's it, khalass.

for that you have to have a good player. if you have one (or two or many, or in a case like m'sia: none at all) and he is fit, that player must play. if he is playing and the game styill progressing, he must stay till end, unless his continuance of play is extremely unavoidably impossible. that's it, khalass

. . who to decide ? of course the coach!!! one needs to be an extreme idiot or a complete lunatic to replace a formidable player at crucial moments when one gaol lead is to be retained and protected. and sadly, yesterday, Argentinian coach was one of them. you brought out requilme and crespo in favour of less respected players, its suicidal. and a terrible suicide it was!!!

from the very beginning, the game was hailed as requilme vs ballack. it went just as expected. it could easily go either way and it happened that the skillful argentinian was overshadowing the well structured volksgeist of the German.

you look at klinsmann, ballack was limping for the last twenty minutes or so. he even requested for substitution. klinsmann paid no attention to the plea. why? because he knew, he is the essence of the team. he need not be fit but he has to be on the field. to take him out means to put the moral of the rest in total mess. cruel it may look but that's basic in football.

that stupid coach called requilme out at the time when he looked like running for another two hours without stopping in no slight trouble. German equalised and pushed the next gear while Argentinian could offer no more meaningful resistant.

i never interested in any of the games at all after the Iranian defeat, but yesterdys night was an exception.

jangan lupa, bagun pagi pergi chambering.

see you