Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A matter of Principle

It was 12pm in the afternoon, every one was so excited to have a ride on the jet ski. The scorching heat was burning my skin, but the excitement trumped the worrying thought of forgetting to bring along my sun block lotion.

He said : “jet ski is RM40.00 per person”.
And we said : “let’s go for it”.

We had so much fun, forgetting that we had loadsa of responsibility to think about back in KL.

Parasailing looked tempting. So we asked the guy:

“how much do we have to pay for that?’
He said : “RM80 for one go, maximum 2 persons”.

I asked again : “RM80 for two persons?” He nodded.

My friends asked the same question, he gave the same indication. “one go RM80”.we asked again “RM80 for two persons”.he gave a positive indication.

Being overly excited up there, I decided to do parasailing twice…the feeling was fantastic..something to die for..

It was almost 3pm, we had to leave for a wedding at 7, we asked the guy how much do we have to pay for everything. And he said “ RM960.00”.

And we were stunned, “aren’t we supposed to pay RM720”? And he said “No! It’s RM80 per person for parasailing, so one go is RM160?!”

My friends told the guy that it was agreed otherwise! He said No.

I didn’t say a word. Still digesting what had transpired. We decided to just pay. Being me, I don’t really like to argue on how much this or that costs. If I want something, I’ll just pay for it. I just kept quiet (still drowned in excitement I believe).

….still in the process of regaining my true self or rather senses…

Wait a minute!

There’s always an exception of course. I only agree to buy or pay for something when I’m aware of the price and later on agree to it. IF there is a clear intention from the other party to cheat, your own funeral!

And my friends were like:

“Fad, kite kena tipu ni Fad, kita kna dapat balik duit kita..”
“Fad, diorang tipu lawyer tu…”
“Locals pon diorang berani tipu tu..”

And I said “locals ke, foreigner ke, lawyer ke, it’s wrong!”..

After a while I finally managed to get back my senses (time to stand for every one’s right, excitement aside!).

And I heard Nad was saying “sudah..diorang ni nak cari pasal ngan Fad”.

I told my friends to follow me and find the person who first introduced us to the water sports service.

He was away, but there was this one nice uncle who was being so helpful to get us to talk to this guy. He managed to talk to the guy on the phone and the guy wanted to talk to me.

I explained what happened and he was like “I’m so sorry about that, ill teach my boys a lesson!”.

And he said “where do you stay? I’ll come afterward and refund your money”.

And I said “it’s either you ask one of the boys to come and see me right now and refund the money or ill go straight to the nearest police station and lodge a report”.

And he said “ok ok, I’ll ask one of the boys to come and refund your money.”.

We waited.

He came with another guy…and he said “kenapa saya nak pulangkan duit..memang RM160 one go!”.

I couldn’t help bombarding him with every single fact of the incident. All I could remember saying was the word “right”.

My friends just watched what was happening religiously. I was going on and on.

I heard Far was saying “ha kan dah kena ngn Fad, walaupun dia yang paling excited main all the rides, jangan ingat boleh cari pasal!”.

Points after points, they finally agreed to refund our money! I had a feeling that they wouldn’t be giving us the exact amount of money, it was kinda predictable in a situation where someone was planning to cheat you. And I was telling myself “question of liability is settled, now the quantum is disputed! (isy..can I not think about work for a sec?!)

I was right, they refused to refund the exact amount of money they owed us…suddenly there was some guy who wanted to talk to me on the phone, (bawak satu geng nak lawan pompuan)..and he was being so harsh by saying it was partly our fault!again..his funeral!

I asked him “May I know your name?” and he said “my name is R”.

F: can you come and see me now because I want to talk to you!
R:No, I cannot come, I am meeting my big boss.
F: let me talk to your big boss!I want to see him personally!

I was going on and on and I could feel blood was rushing up to my head. Then I said if they still refused to refund our money, we’d lodge a police report and bring this matter to CAP (Consumers Association of Penang). And he was like ..”sorry sorry, please take back your money and please don’t lodge any report on this”..i took the money and walked off!

God, what a day!

It wasn’t so much about the money, it was a matter of principle..when something is wrong, it’s wrong, nothing can make it right…in conclusion, there’s nothing more empowering than knowing your right and fighting for it!

Despite all that, I still love Penang.

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cik kify said...

hahaha..intresting!! good job fad..