Monday, January 22, 2007

this entry is specifically dedicated to arseNGal (did i spell it wrong??-like i care!!)...dont get me wrong for not replying to the sms-es that kept on disturbing my beauty sleep..i was running out of credit..and here is a special reply to those who sent me those sms-es!!!

as i was driving to the court today...a caller introducing herself as man u fan on hitz fm said..before that a staunch fan of chelsea who happened to a be a guy fan, cried as he still couldnt accept the defeat of his team...this man u fan called and asked rudy and jj.."are u sure the guy who just cried is not jose maurinho???"-that was awesome..but later, jj and rudy asked her.."so what happened last nite??"..she replied.."it's okay..we can lose a game and be on top..we'll be okay"..and i was like.." cool we are as man u fans...she's right..and gunners have to keep on winning in order not do fall down the all man u fans out there..what we are is purely not sour grapes...way to go!!!dear all man u loyal fans!!!keep the spirit of football alive!!!

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