Sunday, January 21, 2007

hail liverpool!!!!

im not a big fan of liverpool but last nite's victory over chelsea really thrills chelsea fans (and gunners who wish that liverpool lose so that they can be on top of chelsea)..chelsea just made us suffocate today...because the the world is running out of oxygen because humiliation just fills up the air...thanks to liverpool for bringing chelsea down!!!

like usual before a big match id have a conversations with nad and it went :

nad : "sian la peter cech..pakai helmet..."

me: "i hope kyut will score huge tonite and get the good feeling of smacking cech's helmet..."

and 4 minutes later..kuyt scored the first goal..and..

"i knew it..kuyt!!1my hollanda!!!"

nad: "ur wish has been granted"..

later in the middle of the game:

nad: "chelsea main apa ni?!cam main batu seremban. hampeh..defenders cam ****

me: "that's how they play all this while, the second real madrid..menhancurkan futbal prestige!!"

and the game ended with 2 nil against chelsea...and i was so thrilled to see jose maurinho's face in having to deal with the defeat...

and tonite...glory2 man u!!!

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