Friday, June 06, 2008

Of Petrol Price Hike

Wednesday, 4 June 2008, 820pm- as i was on my way to Suaram office for my GMI meeting which usually only takes 5 minutes drive from my house, i was struck by the fact that there was a bumper to bumper crawl along the stretch and i was stuck in the traffic jam for 30 minutes.

i sang along every song that was on the radio, and i was trying my best not to scream my lungs out as a sign of protest against this irresponsible and appalling act of the Government of the day! main teka teki via sms with my comrade helped me to maintain my sanity.

it was 5 metres away yet it seemed so far.

it was 1015pm and i finally made it to the meeting.

just a thought:

why do people still wait for hours and get caught in a massive traffic jam just to fill up the petrol, knowing that tomorrow was not gonna make any difference?knowing that tomorrow and for God knows how long they still have to push this cruel fact down their throats and there's nothing much they can do about it?

it's IS a big difference for every single cent that they can save for one night getting caught in the horrible traffic jam as that single cent can be given to their kids to buy food at school, that every single cent that they saved can be used to buy some candies for their kids, that every single cent that they saved can be used to buy something for dinner.

some say: we have to increase the petrol price as the global market price is increasing!No, the fact is, it's just a speculation.Speculation initiated by the ever determined capitalists who are determined to corrupt the whole world with their corrupt minds and their dirty little hands.

some say: hey, bersyukurlah..Singaporeans are paying more than we are!No, the fact is, they are paying 2.26 per litre and we are paying 2.70 per litre bearing in mind that an average Singaporean who earns three times more than an average Malaysian pays only RM2.26 per litre compared to an average Malaysian who is miserably paid hence qualify him/her to be lumped in a group of people who still live below the poverty line. wow!what an achievement Malaysia!a developing country that has bountiful of natural resources and also a petronas account that forever remains a best kept secret.

and please don't treat us as if we are a bunch of mentally incapable of reasonable thinking citizen by making comparison to Singapore, because you know what? Singapore happens not to be an oil producer nation!.

and some could never be bothered for they're being deeply drowned in self-centredness.

hmm..i'm worried of what's gonna happen to my beloved country.

as i was listening to Red FM yesterday, one caller said : can the Government stop conducting conferences at 5 star hotel already, and please cut down on first class flight for the officers.

and i couldn't agree more.

*praying hard that God will protect us, the citizen of this country*

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