Thursday, June 26, 2008

*26th June 2008: International Day Against Torture*

Today, 26th June 2008 marks the International Day Against Torture. GMI had an invitation from the Opposition Leader to be present in Parliament today, to hand over a memorandum condemning the torture that is ongoing in Kamunting Detention Camp.

yesterday, they (Parliament administration) stopped the reporters from performing their duties by denying access to the lobby.appalling.

today, GMI representatives were denied access too. some who got the passes were dragged down the stairs.appalling. "kite dapat arahan untuk tidak berikan pas masuk"--words uttered in the highest level of hypocrisy.

i asked "which rule says this?"his/her silence ticked me off.

Datin Seri Wan Azizah came down. we decided to conduct the press conference a few steps away from the entrance.

disappointed everyone was. how someone can bring himself/herself down, to the lowest of the low. i just couldn't help feeling resented.

it's a long walk and we shouldn't stop, even if it takes forever.

the moment i got in my office, my phone rang, a reporter from al-Jazeera wanted to cover "Malam Himpunan Rakyat Anti ISA" on the 28th which is to be held at Malawati Stadium.

some people say, what we are doing (campaigning for the abolition of ISA) is in vain. some people say we are fighting a losing battle. i wonder, tell that to the ones who have been waiting at home for their loved ones to come back, tell that to the ones who are being left in uncertainties that rip their hearts and souls off every time they miss their loved ones. tell that to the ones who are dying to be heard and judged fairly before a court of law.

tell these stories to ourselves, for our conscience is dying to feel what the eyes cannot see.

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