Friday, October 10, 2008


I figure it’s not too late to wish Selamat Hari Raya to very one, maafkan salah dan silap.

This blog has been left idle for quite a while, well, this whole raya thing, post raya blues have contributed tremendously to this.

Raya was fun, but it'd be more fun if Kakak and Abang Azlee were around. And surprisingly, I got less irritated by soalan standard "bila nak kawen?".Perhaps people get tired of my standard answer.

I always ask my mom, can't people ask about something else beside marriage? tanya la, perkembangan politik ke, ekonomi ke, alam sekitar ke,isu melamin dalam gula-gula white rabbit ke..and I’m sure if the question is about my perspective on marriage, the discussion is gonna be intriguingly provocative.

[---got so excited to learn that Af is getting married in March!:)]

Well, let's not dwell on that. I guess after almost a week of post raya blues, I started to regain my usual self. I had two meetings last night, one with GMI and the other one with Mentari Project Volunteers..Many ideas have been pouring in, now it's time for realization.

For anti ISA campaign, my comrades and I have been discussing on having an art exhibition/performance on ISA, lotsa things need to be discussed and I seriously have to make time to get things started, sebab semalam dengan tidak semena-mena masa meeting Tuan Syed cakap "Fadiah will be the Project Manager tau"...I’m stuck!but im fine with it:)

Feisal the IT savvy has offered to construct a GMI web portal FOC, when I brought this matter up, every one was happy. It’s good to have people volunteering to help us out.

On Saturday, Mentari Project will be having some sorta career day for year 6 students who just finished their UPSR, and on Sunday we will be having our first open house for the kids, it's a potluck gathering. If you are interested to be part of Mentari Project family, you are most welcome to the event.

Lotsa good news are coming out, will keep every one updated.


Dhani said...

akan di buat web tersebut sedikit demi sedikit. [tak boleh nak buat laju2 sebab skang dah nak exam. maklum aja lah, dah jadi budak skolah balik dah skang ni. hehe].

fadiahnadwafikri said...

fad to dhani-okeh, if nak papa info contact fad or nalini suaram directly k!:P

...but I digress said...

hehe Fad :) missed hanging out with u already!

anyway,heboh2 kan terry fox run..its on 2 nov ,same time,same venue.tshirts for sale rm25 (iklan jap)

fadiahnadwafikri said...

fad to affie-yup me too, esok fad ada sh alam ct jom lepak if ure gona be there!

okie dokie-akan dihebohkan pasal terry fox run!run aby run!:P

zaza said...

i didn't getting married in march!!!