Tuesday, October 28, 2008

(photo by Seira)

Of Sign

Saturday, 25/10/08-received 2 text messages from two guru (s)--to be present at Putrajaya Police station on Sunday at 11am, for remand hearing. I slept at 2.00 am, with the slightest thought of "may-be-attending" since my on-and- off fever got worse at night.

Sunday 10 am--had a dream that i got robbed at some shopping mall, woken up by a phone call from an unknown number. it was my uni friend from Kelantan, asking me how to do remand proceeding.

as i hung up, looked at the clock, it was 1010.sign from God~~got up, off to Putrajaya. Managed to get into the IPD, the Police made an application for the release of the OYDS. they got released on Police bail. as we were waiting at the lobby, there was this guy in jeans kept on taking shots after shots of our sleepy faces. it was so obvious that this guy was from the Special Branch. seriously?do they have to do that?i dont see the necessity at all. they've got our IC and our particulars..pelik?not anymore. i took out my camera phone, pretended taking his pics, baru adil kan:P

at about 1 as we were walking out of the IPD, we could hear people clapping, waiting patiently for their families to come back home...one of the best kodak moments! ...***reminiscence of Padiappa movie***....

.the end.

rombongan kami diteruskan ke alamanda..makan sushi ramai2...headed to cm to watch a play-new village people and pineapple rice...lepak2 sebelum balik untuk menghadiri majlis kahwin Mira.

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