Friday, October 24, 2008

Of Here and There

It’s already approaching the end of the month, last night (morning?) I just realized I wanted to go to carrefour to buy some groceries like one month ago, and still fail to do that.

Yesterday I attended the KL Bar Forum on Blogging and Defamation Laws. I planned to hang out with Sash, Far and Akhdiat and catch Fahmi Reza’s new film : Revolusi 48 at the Annex Central Market. Got intercepted by the presence of Amer and Edmund—“come to IPD Putrajaya, they need more lawyers to be there”. “Errr…ok”!

10 people + 1 little girl were arrested for trying to hand over a Deepavali Card and a handwritten letter to the it’s an offence to do that, I wonder-under which provision of the law that it constitutes an offence?puzzled?nope, it’s a Bolehland, anything pon boleh!

Called up Sash to cancel our plan and drag her along to IPD Putrajaya. As we got into A’s car, E and me insisted on listening to the radio the moment we saw A was selecting which metal songs to be played...we failed! Norwegian metal band was playing along the journey!menarik, I started asking many questions on that and also on the reality of criminal practice in Malaysia:P

Sherrie, Seira, Roger, Siti, Raj were already there to lend a helping hand.

We waited in front of the police station in drizzling rain. When you are arrested by the police, one of the rights that you’re entitled to is the right to legal representation. Sadly to note that this basic right is only meant to be on paper, time and time again. Nothing unusual I would say.

We were still waiting outside the gate. Planning on our further action which was based on many possibilities. Will these people be remanded? Will they be charged the next morning? One question after another. We waited for nearly 3 hours, in the hope that the 6 year old child would be released. Nothing was forthcoming. The police told the lawyers that they wanted to take down statements from those who were arrested. It had been God knows how many hours those people had been kept in there. God knows what’s taking them so long to take down statements.

It was almost 12 midnight. Every one was starving so we decided to ambush the nearest mamak to find something to eat. We ended up at some food court after being aggressively ‘attacked’ by the employee of two different mamak restaurants in a very weird competition of ‘”who gets the customer first?” . every one was happy and we went back to the police station to find out the latest info on the arrest.

It was 1 in the morning. We decided to go back as there was a clear indication that the arrested people were gonna be brought to Court the next day.

Today- at 1030am--A is waiting in Putrajaya Court for remand proceeding.

May justice prevail.

Standing/ waiting for nearly 4 hours in drizzling rain with dear friends couldn’t feel any better..thanks every one!:) Maju!!

Looking forward to enjoying the weekend—Shahir’s open house, Amnesty International’s open house, Dinner with Japan Legal Aid Association, Mira’s wedding, old friend’s get together, William’s (thanks Ati!), Nad’ open house. Eat and be merry, worry later!:P

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