Monday, March 10, 2008


in the name of democracy and people's power, it has always been my ardent hope to see political change in Malaysia.this 12th G.E has witnessed a tremendous political swing from national front coalition (BN) to the BARISAN RAKYAT.

The Rakyat has spoken and their voices are loud enough to be heard by every living soul. I'm extremely overwhelmed. it is the victory of the people and it is responsibility of the Barisan Rakyat to serve the people.

it is overwhelmingly unbelievable to be part of this change.

i still remember agreeing to nurul izzah to volunteer for her campaign and be part of her campaign team. it was a good experience and something new to learn. i still remember going to bilik gerakan together with puspa, sasha and farhana, getting ready with our leaflets, going back and forth to suaram office, distributing leaflets on declaration of human rights for the 12th G.E, distributing leaflets on ISA, meeting the people, identifying local issues among the squatters and the downtrodden. it was extremely tiring, but the experience trumps everything.

the winning part was great. the next action plan is crucial. far, sha, puspa and I have decided to list down the next action plans for our new YB (Yang Berkhidmat) to take into action.

to far, sasha, and puspa-let's celebrate!chilis+karaoke!

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