Wednesday, March 05, 2008

*Fake tales of San Fransisco?nope, rather fake tales of Lembah Pantai/Bangsar*

Last night, as we stopped by Shell Petrol station in Bangsar, being happily cheerful and friendly for no apparent reason, a conversation took place between us (far, sasha,puspa and me) and one pakcik who was pumping petrol for us:

Pakcik : Mengundi tak?

Us : Mengundi, pakcik?

Pakcik : Mengundi.

Us : Mengundi apa?heheh.

Pakcik : Undi adalah rahsia.

Us : Betul tu, undilah dengan bijak!

Pakcik : Mesti. Rumah saya dah kena roboh, bertahun2 saya tinggal kat situ, kerajaan janji nak bagi rumah baru, dah tiga tahun tak dapat lagi.saya dah tak ada rumah.

There you go, same old same old. Bangsar is known to be a place for the elite group, the rich and famous. That has always been the common perception of the people for ‘this side of Bangsar’ where the rich and famous live. And there is also ‘the other side of Bangsar’ which we barely know of.

Squatter houses, rumah panjang (yup, we still have people living in rumah panjang somewhere in Bangsar, and seriously, it’s not cool or highly cultural to still preserve this, particularly when there are actually people living in there. I can understand the importance of having rumah panjang in Taman Mini Malaysia where all of us can go and pay a visit, step into the rumah panjang, take a few pictures, wonder how people can live in there back then, how time changes everything, and to what extent the country has progressed.

Take for instance, in Sarawak, from rumah panjang to titanically gigantic mansion by the Sarawak River, with the privilege of having a stretch of wooden shack with real people living in it as the scenery. ironic, isn't it. It doesn’t take a genius to comprehend how imbalanced things have become.

It just takes a little conscience to concede to this fact.

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