Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Holy Prophet said: "A moment of justice is better than seventy years of worship in which you keep fasts and pass the nights in offering prayers and worship to Allah". (Jami'us Sa'adat, vol. II, p. 223)

Imam Ali said: "Justice is the essence of the people's welfare as well as the adherence to the Divine path".


election?promises?manifesto?election?promises?manifesto?same old same old some would's part of the process i would say.democratic process. hence the conversation:

p: politik, politik (smiling)
me: yup!
p: what IF opposition menang and they dont keep to their words?
me: i'll lead the protest!

it's simple and's the process, backed by sacred fundamental principle of justice.putting things in their right places.

sometimes it's easy to be armchair critics. and it's far more easier to ignore.well, it's also part of the process.

sometimes people ask why do i do things that i do and why do i say things that i say.well, it's a little hard to explain, i guess we do things that we wanted to, and all we need is a reason and a little faith.

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