Monday, March 31, 2008

Desa Mentari Voluntary Tuition Project -the First Test

the kids looked nervous...they were given 11/2 hour to answer all questions, science, math, english and we were marking the papers, as much as we tried to be professional and serious in marking, we couldn't help ourselves but laughed hysterically at the the creative answers given by some of the kids..the question was:-

"lengkapkan ayat berikut dengan memberikan sebab:-

1) pencuri itu ditangkap polis kerana ___________________________

some answered:

*kerana dia telah mencuri barang kemas
*kerana dia telah melakukan jenayah

and the most interesting answer was:

*kerana pencuri itu tidak melaksanakan tugasnya dengan baik!

tutors' comments -grammatically correct, morally disturbing, creatively thinking out of the box!

2) Leftenan Adnan adalah seorang wira kerana ________________________

some answered:

* kerana beliau telah berkorban untuk negara
* kerana beliau berperang untuk negara

and the most interesting answer was:

* kerana beliau terjun dari bangunan

my comment-it was suicidal!hence no mark for that!

and one of them answered

*leftenan adnan adalah seorang wira kerana beliau melakonkan watak seorang wira

comments: fairly sarcastic and grammatically correct-we couldn't stop laughing...:)

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