Tuesday, January 08, 2008

2.30pm-5.30pm--the desa mentari voluntary tuition project went perfectly well despite the fact that we initially had only eight registered students in the beginning...the moment we stepped into the room, i could feel the anticipation from both the kids and the parents..and i hafta admit that it kinda freaked me out a little..far and me were like "nervous nya...because the parents are here"..and to my amazement, the number of students multiplied and filled up every inch of the room...after wrapping up, we realized that there's a lot of things need to be done..

6.30pm-10.30pm--getting ready to meet up members of monitoring team for the Anti-ISA candlelight vigil which was scheduled to be held at dataran merdeka...it was fairly a quiet night and it was drizzling...enough said on the constitutionality of right to peaceful assembly and unconstitutionality of requirement of police permit, GMI (Gerakan Mansukhkan ISA) and its coalition members together with conscious and concerned citizens waited patiently for the police to announce the result of permit application which was made a few days before (as there were series of inconsistent response from the police on the status of permit application including missing application form (funny how cekap betul dan amanah thing can cause such mishap eh?)well..it's a bolehland anyway...entrance to dataran was closed, FRUs were in position...(i never knew that ordinary citizens with candles in their hands can be such an imminent threat to national security...if it's accordance with their unilateral and biased definition of threat to national security..i guess bolehlah kot...

for me, it was just another event of expressing your belief on something...why is that any different from people who are allowed to celebrate new year or go to a concert and the ones who are just expressing themselves against injustice and maladministration of justice...national security?who gives them the right to prematurely determine what amounts to national threat..for example, new year celebration (which i would never go, i see no point of going, getting myself exposed to people who are extremely drunk and get susceptible to sexual harassment, note: no offense people,it has always been my principle on this, not trying to play saint here)...but would it be fair if the whole idea of celebrating new year with your family be ruled out just like that?as far as im concerned, the Police would be at the place, try to maintain the situation and only engage whenever necessary...it has always been that way..question? why the double standard attitude when it comes to peaceful assembly...since when it's a sin to express your feelings on injustice??weird isn't it..but that's reality!

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