Wednesday, January 30, 2008

there's nothing much to look forward to on weekdays beside your daily boring jaded.

yah i know, whining isn't gonna do much help...weekends have always been the best remedy for acute attack of fatigue..but the problem is, i just have 48 hours to do almost everything and to meet up almost every one...but that 48 hours have always been enough to spare me from being mentally handicapped for the next 120 hours.

i never knew tutoring/teaching could be utterly exhausting...our voluntary tuition project in desa mentari proved that was great to see the number of our students multiplied from 8 students to almost 30 students..the commitment showed was overwhelming, both from the students and the tutors...indeed education is an ongoing process...the process is requires patience of the highest degree..a good lesson for me, i believe, as the last time i remember tutoring was my youngest brother..he would end up crying his eyes out and pledged not to be taught by me ever again..i just lost it every time!

and to my amazement, i wonder how do i do it, that my level of patience has to a certain degree improved...i thank God for that.

later that afternoon, far and me went to IPK KL to provide legal representation for those arrested after the police crackdown on peaceful assembly in klcc...and it's nothing new that right to legal representation has been for the million times denied. it's no longer funny nor weird. the crucial right protecting one's liberty has been grossly violated. imagine, on one fine day, you, or your family member is suddenly arrested and detained by the Police...and you or your family cannot in any way have access to lawyers...i wonder how does that feel if it ever happens to us?or are we gonna just turn away and say it's none of our business?

on sunday afternoon, we were literally "locked up" inside the pudu jail, waiting for remand hearing...statements were taken and the detainees were walking around barefoot. something struck me in the head. how can humanity allow such degrading treatment on human beings...cant we even afford to provide slippers which cost RM2.00??"innocent until proven guilty" principle was not meant to only be on papers.

and one thing for sure, you will be questioned by God for every single thing that you do or fail to do..

or have we done enough to fight for those who cant fight for themselves?

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