Thursday, January 24, 2008

working life can be utterly drudgery, physically or mentally, hence one day off from work can cause me and my possy (read: nad and far) extreme happiness that we decided not to go straight home after work. we went to section 17 pasar malam, reminiscing the great times we used to have 7 years ago...carefree, being immature about lotsa things...lepak session almost every day...those were the days...

then we were wondering..where to eat, definitely not at our place, it was depressing having to head back home early when the next day was a public holiday. we decided to hang out by the lake somewhere in pj..the place was a little dark, and the chances of being robbed were pretty high,we decided to go to some other place safer...a padang in front of amcorp mall seemed perfect...we talked about so many things, from nonsense to no-nonsense subject and laughing over nad's tongue tied-ness which sounded more like "sesi cakap2 manja":

"commercial loan senang je TABI..." (read: tapi)
"having to deal with banks is hard..especially *** JANK (read: bank)
"sedapnya chef ni masak, eh..dia letak FISH SHOSH (read: fish sauce)
"..memang..tambah2 lagi bila MAJOR EK-JEM (read: major exam)

i guess that's enough for's always a big mistake to get tongue-tied in front of either me, far or this would be used against us for at least a month...God, i wonder what life would be without friends who'll be with you through bad times...

still couldnt get the good memories that we had in penang out of my mind..well, penang has always been our second home and we literally drive all the way to penang once a month, just to hang out at queensbay, eat tandoori chicken at kapitan and jalan2 in batu feringgi with encik abu haimi...and during the last week penang trip, we pledged on something that will materialize in short.."FREEDOM"!

and starting to miss my sister and abang azlee...i know they'll be just fine...

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