Friday, December 28, 2007

*8 random things about me*

nad just tagged me for this 8 random thingy…hmm..about me??nothing fancy, nothing new, and the list goes:

1. I’m a sleep-a-holic-I sleep a lot..a lot as in A LOT!!…I can go on sleeping for one whole day without eating anything…I still remember when I was in my secondary school, on every Monday we were forced to assemble and listen to our principal’s endless yap, and the torturous part was, we had to remain standing, sometimes for hours…and that never stopped me from sleeping while I was standing…

2. My resistant force is quite illuminating, (at least for me)..for instance, I’ve banned carbonated drinks and starbucks for almost 2 years..(like what Kak Lat said “yah..starbucks??it’s politically wrong..)..I have my reasons to impose such restrictions on myself..people can guess I figure!

3. I’m one hard case for my family to deal with…hardheadedness has gone beyond repair, particularly when it comes to principle…I don’t ask permission from my parents whenever I wanted to do something. More of notifying them, giving notice kinda thing..all that they can do is pray for me and my safety..:)

4. I’m such a cry baby…all the so called “macho konon” thingy seems to fail the moment I see someone’s crying, war victims, my mom getting her finger cut, 12 year old boys celebrating 8As in UPSR exam..weird!

5. Sensitive. Particularly to people that I’m close to…I still remember when I was in boarding school, for God knows what reason triggered me not to call home just because my mom said something about being tough and not to be carried away by homesick syndrome, I decided not to make calls home at all..and after a week I got a letter from my brother—“ke hadapan adindaku yang disayangi…telefonlah kami di rumah dan usahlah merajuk hati lagi”…God, how funny that was!

6. Independent. Yeke? Let’s see. I’m so used to doing things all by myself…It’s just not me to be too dependant on others because I don’t like the feeling of putting people in a position of having to do something because I ask them to…a BIG NO!…ill find my way…

7. I am an old school kinda person- hence the IT illiteracy, doing things old school, conservative sentiment!

8. Passionate.passion keeps me alive..passion gets me going, passion makes me happy! passion is my drive! Passion teahes me to have some faith…:)

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