Monday, December 24, 2007

traffic jam = mental torment

Wednesday, 19/12/2007

9.00pm -everyone hoped in the car, everyone was so thrilled to be going home to celebrate aidil adha...and I said earlier "we take off a lil late, as in around 8 pm, just to escape heavy traffic in kl"..i was right, the traffic was ok around bangsar, and the moment we were in Sg Buloh, there was a long stretch of cars..."accident kot, jap lagi ok la ni (in denial)...

10.00pm -still in rawang...30km/hour, "God, why am I not living in Uganda??"(wishful thinking)...everyone in the car stopped talking...non-stop laughing session stopped for a while and suddenly kenny rogers radio ad was played..for the first time in my life, the song is in played in Malay- "ayam panggang kurang lemak"...the moment the song ended everyone's laughter broke the silence...we were wondering, who on earth translated the song and came up with "ayam panggang kurang lemak" was darn funny and I bet the translator applied literal rule of translation and he/she must be proud every time the ad is aired..

1.00 am - I just couldn’t stand driving 60km per hour that I decided to stop at Tapah RNR and sleep...Toni, Faj, Far and my cousin wanted to grab something to eat and suddenly everyone was like “it smells like KFC, and we were jumping like little kids…and we kept on singing “ayam panggang kurang lemak” over and over again, eating the fried chicken….

1.30am -it was Toni’s turn to drive…the traffic was still the same…I tried to sleep and every time toni applied the brake, I’d be awake and “ayam panggang kurang lemak” was sung from the top of my lungs…and I kept on telling everyone that once I got home, the first thing that id do before going to bed was to hang a parang on my door knob (an implied sign that ill run amok if anyone tries to wake me up).

5.00 am - Penang Bridge seemed deserted, we dropped far and faj off and headed to alor star.

6.00 am -finally we got home safely (zombi mode)…it took 9 hours instead of 5 hours to reach home…I figure we could have reached zimbabwe by that time (over exaggerating)..over exaggerating is forgiven, given the mental state of everyone that was involved or rather stuck in this madness!

11.30am -I got up from sleep, (parang on the door knob thing??-just a metaphor)..took a shower, put on baju raya, and balik kampung… I had a great time with family and friends. Home sweet home:)

23/12/2007, Sunday

7.00pm-took off from alor star

3.00am-got home…again..the traffic was such a nightmare…slept at 4am, woke up at 8am, went to work..

11.07am-Monday blues mode…God, I need a miracle today!

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