Monday, December 03, 2007

it's Monday and accute Monday blues syndrome strikes again..there was some miscommunication in Court this morning...yah..that's life...complaining won't do much help...last nite i coulndt stop thinking about "idealism"..and i actually had a few lines of arranged words in my head,thought of writing in down today...but like i said to Fahri during the Brazilian BBQ dinner last week "i hafta wait for some kind of revelation to start writing"..the monday blues is all that i have to put the blame on for holding me back (ahh..lame excuse fad!)eheh..

but i guess now i have all reasons in the world to smile about...Kiran just came to my room and passed a parcel to me...thanks Fahri for the book, really appreciate it!:)now i have regained my moment of enlightenment!:)

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