Wednesday, February 14, 2007

when i woke up this morning...i felt a little awkward but i had no idea what was it all about...when i was driving to work with the radio on..every one was so into this valentine's day...if you asked me about valentine's day..all that i have to say is i never condone to the whole concept of valentine's day..i guess being in a state of knowing the fact and history, and my conscience that keeps saying something at the back of my head, and to finally resort to what the Religion has to say..i guess i would be fine if finally i'd be separated from the masses because of things that i believe in...

as i was in the middle of finishing my submission suddenly i remember something...i had a terrifying yet a weird dream last nite..i saw myself in a mirror..i was so fat that all i could see was fat all around me..i couldnt even walk wonder when i woke up from bed i was a little nervous that i couldn't even nick one or two more minutes to continue sleeping instead of getting ready for work...when people are so into this valentine's was ironic to realize that i kept on getting messages from dear frens saying how much they cherish this sacred friendship and how much they love me...time seemed to stop for a while...i was really in the moment..hmmm:)

in the afternoon i went to the legal aid on duty..i had a great talk with the people in the bar committee...somehow i felt that im getting closer to these people who i barely knew when i first started to be in this practice..and somehow i feel like already missing them and i guess its because my pupillage is approaching its end..while i was reading cases..kak ida called me up..she gave me 3 oranges...we were talking and talking while she was preparing invitation cards for kedah perlis judges for this coming bar committee dinner..she kept on insisting me to go..but knowing me, a person who couldnt be bothered to socialize...i kept saying no..but today she kept on asking me to come along...persistently..and finally i said yes..hmm..bbq by the pool side couldnt be that bad huh...and i was telling kak ida..hmm..its good that i can join the dinner..after all ill be finishing my chambering one month away..only God knows when do we meet again..and kak ida was saying.."eh..bunyi cam taknak practice ja..practice la fad.."...hmm:)

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