Thursday, February 01, 2007

i got up early this morning..headed to jitra magistrate's court for a hearing..once i got there the interpreter told me the magistrate was on i have to take a next date for the case..while waiting..the prosecuting officer asked me.."so, about our think you can win this?" and i replied.."it depends on how you prove it..and how much doubt i can raise"..he replied.."so what are u relying on?"..i said.."the defence of alibi of course"..he smiled...and i went on to say that :"you have to prove that my client was there at the time of the commission.."he just smiled...i dont know what came over me this morning that drives me to start questioning on the transparency of police officers conduct in dealing with arrested people..i straight away asked him " know that our client claimed that he was slapped by the i.o when he was investigated on this..we have lodged a police report..but up until now..i guess even after numerous reminders..the police are still keeping the result to themselves i guess.."(woah..i wonder where do i get the courage to question such issue of misconduct..i guess ive been so influenced by the articles written by the renowned human right lawyers like edmund bon and amer hamzah..)..he looked at me.." cannot ask me.."..and i just smiled..cynically..

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