Tuesday, December 19, 2006

when i woke up today..i realized that i didnt have to go to the court today...its a little awkward because i used to go to the court every day..suddenly around 845 my master called me..he wasnt feeling well today so i have to go to the court to sort out one matter..when i was on my way to the court...i got a call from abu..and he was telling me that he'd be in alor star ct today..all the way from penang...and i was like..''yay!!!!!"i was so thrilled that i could not stop smiling...obviously im missing all my friends so bad...we met in front of the session court and talked about so many things...then we had lunch together...chatting about things that have been changing our lives...laughing over this one guy..according to abu "mat bunga" having lunch with his girlfren..and making funny funny faces, i guess he was trying to be romantic..ehehe....then abu had to go back to penang....and my life resumes to its original mode....dear friends out there..im missing u guys like crazy...jom wat gathering jom!!!!!

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