Sunday, December 24, 2006

as i was laughing over the old episodes of friends...and continuously laughing over a phone call which was intentionally to envy me..(siapla azri and loko!!!)-fad and pak abu will be back with our sweet sister was like "adik!!!turun cepat!!!and i was like "awat?"-my sister and my mom have this obsession in buying textile..tonnes and tonnes of it...and mom was like.."look at yours.."and kakak was like "cantak dak cantak dak?"-it runs in the family to change the pronunciations of words and it has successfully infected both abang arzlee and kakak halimah as now they're one of us..heheh...i was surprised to see a black and white cloth...and i was told it is for my long call which is 3 months away...i know mom got excited about it..ehehe..and she was "cina kat kedai tu cakap kat mak..dato' azizah hakim sesyen court pon bli kain black and white kat situ sbb cantik...."and all that i can do is much as im looking forward to having my long call..i know mom and dad are more excited than me...hmmm..."

its a week away to bid farewell to 2006...and im looking forward to making more steps ahead next year...may Allah keep me strong to face the future....ameen....

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