Sunday, February 12, 2006

what an unforgettable weekend...last nite,our team has made it to quarter final...we were team no 1 as we won all games last nite...pretty impressive huh..eheh...i guess this is the best experience ive ever had with my frens who played very well last nite and today...and i guess this is the most painful physical effect ive ever experienced as now i cant even walk like a normal person...only God knows how much it hurts...i wonder how do i go to class tomorrow...ive been quasi paralysed...but its kinda weird though...after the first game..every one was so exhausted and all that we could do was lying on the floor while waiting for the next game..all sorts of medication had been utilised to the max...before the next game...i keep telling my teammates that i coudnt play...but when our turn was up...the spirit started to burn..and when i got on the pitch..the pain just disappeared...its really true what people say about football...when u get to play..the feeling is everything and nothing can stop that..and i cant believe that i played for all games full time..ehehehe...well..its very true...hmm for the last match last nite..before we went back to our college..this encik referee said to my teammates while pointing at me..'dia maen ganas ek..'..haha...we replied..'ganas tapi takdak fouls..' i wOuld like to thank my teammates for being there..for making all this come true..eventhough we only got through quarter final..u guys played very well..for the last was just not meant to be...we can still play futsal maybe next week...i hope u guys are we shouted out loud'YEAH BABY YEAH!!!!!... thanks to zai,ellia,fira,kak wana,shira,kak miha,kak nani,intan,zarith,muni,omin and team block f guys rock!!!!

mempraktikkan teknik2 hasil ajaran sifu worked tremendously!!!
my lucky no. 9..(wink****)

men'defend' dengan sehabis daya...

...dengan jayanya mengcover muka cuak..(shira-the goalkeeper,fad-defender,kak nani-striker,zai-defender,zarith-striker and kak miha-team manager)

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