Friday, February 17, 2006

my roommmates and my close-affiliated persons just got back from pizza hut..ellia asked me to update my blog..but i have no idea on what to talk about...

hmm...ellia requested me to write something about normal human beings...we tend to lose our temper easily...and everyone undeniably admits this fact...but the beauty about benig mad is that,thre's always room for what the quran says..Allah will always be with people who are patient'..this verse is a simple verse for human to comprehend..but i guess only few realize how much this means...there's nothing else which is more precious that a person could have ever asked for than being with our own Creator...for His presence lies tranquility and serenity..for His presence we could be a better person..for His presence..we could throw away pain and sorrow..with His presence..we could achieve evertything that we dream conclusion...allah is our best Savior..who will never leave our side no matter how hard things could be...^^^peace out^^

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