Sunday, April 03, 2005


Hello. Assalaamualaikum
Fad is in washington d.c. and the rate for going online is 7 bucks per hour, so she can't afford to write posts for her blog. So, here I am just writing in on her behalf, to satisfy her readers.

Well... we got to the finals and we won runner up. UIA went against QUT, a university notorious in environmental law moots. It is no wonder that they get to the finals because they have always been either winning the environmental moots or runner up.

It's a wonder that UIA could do it, though. What with all the stupid things we always were up to during all our little night meetings in the terpencil kinda office we fondly call as moot room and all the eccentricities. Well, I must say though, we had a hell of a tip top teamwork that got us through the National, a hell of a fun time in Singapore to learn end experience new things, and hell of a cold (weather) time in Washington (or so I suppose).

It just shows the Greatness of Allah to hear news like this. Who would have thought, some 4 foot 8 girl (well maybe she's 4 foot 11 when she mooted) could win the best orallist? English is not even our mother tongue, and there we were going against Aussies... Allahu akbar.

This reminds me of a verse in the Qur'an:

Verily, when He intends a thing, His command is 'be' and it is!

Isn't Allah Great? Indeed He is.

Well, I haven't got the full scope, so you guys wait for fad to write in here. Besides, I don't really know the taste of her readers so let her do the satisfying part. I am just in here to tell you guys the good news and to remind all of you to thank Allah in your prayers after this. Thanks for hearing me out here.

til then... wslm,

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