Thursday, April 14, 2005

luton to london to lincoln

hmm..yesterday me and asma were in london..we were staying in pakteh sham's house..he's been so nice to us..can u imagine..its almost 10 years i didnt get to see pakteh sham..the last time i met him is when i was 8 or seven..hmm.when he called me he said that he's old...i was so shocked to meet him at the airport coz he looks will never believe that he is my uncle..asma told me that peoplemight think that he is my fren..eheh..

we had a tour in london yesterday..we were posing like superstars..eheh..pakteh sham gotta leave early coz he got an appointment..he taught us how to use the most complicated tube..we made and asma made proud..we've been travelling alone to dublin and now in london..changed fined 90 euro for excess hate all people out not take ryanair to dublin..take aerlingus k..eheh..

last nite we we laughing like crazy when pakteh sham and me were posing in arsenal and west ham jersey..we took many im in lincoln..asma wants to see her old fren's here..the people are so wonderfu..we stay at sarah's place..she's been so wonderful,im so blessed to meet these wonderful people...just had my dinner with was awesome...

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