Sunday, March 27, 2005


jz took my lunch with boon ka,dr ghafur and asma..we ate at in my new fren's room in gw university..they are so nice..actually,the story is like this,ati got a good fren in gw and we are supposed to meet him here..he brings along a few of his frens who are now becomin our frens..they are so feels like home meeting them..intan,syed,shazwan,shamsul,irwan and bayu...

it's so cold and asma like to hang out at the park in front of the mara house..this morning,i tried to be heroic when this guy asked me to help him getting out frm a room near a restaurant..he got locked in there..i tried to push the door but it didnt open..poor him..but i had to go..he just waived at me..

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