Monday, April 11, 2005

im in dublin now!!!

me and asma arrived in dublin yesterday..we stay at faizah and asriah's house..they've been so i got almost 20 frens who are going to be future doctors..they are so so blessed to be here to meet them...they are so interested to know what mooting is..they treat us like filmstars..we have photography session and interview session on moots..and just now they asked us to moot and they got us funny..eheh..

today we went to malahide castle and stephen green park and we got to visit dublin was a wonderful so happy to spend meanigful time with ijah,as,arip and asma's frens...its been almost 3 years i didnt get to see them after matric..and bcz of God's plan..we are given the oppurtunity to meet dublin...i have so much fun spending time with them..=)

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