Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year Life!

It has been a hectic year for me. A year that’s worth living for despite all the things that can rip you of your sanity at one point of another.

In life, not everything that happens around you will affect you in a good way. The common thing, I mean. It’s more of a compulsion. You have no choice but to conform, no matter how hard you try to dodge its reality.

But that’s okay, as long as you know that someday, it will stop haunting you. As long as you hold, tightly on to your belief, then you will find freedom.

New Year is coming in a few days away. People celebrate New Year. Counting down the last bit of the year, 3,2,1 and…… that’s it!. I don’t see the significance of celebrating it. Life passes by in its orderly fashion every year without fail. Nothing new.

In the same breath, year end is marching on to close its chapter. Year end has never failed to give me this distinct feeling. A feeling that I can hardly describe.

That distinct feeling gets stronger and stronger as it gets closer to the end of the chapter. A moment of reflection. Life and common thing. Common thing and life. Change. Some things change and some things remain indifferent. People. They come and they go. Decision and indecision. Confusion and clarity.

If we decided to live a life that defies gravity, for every single day that passes by, without us realizing, we will reflect on life to reaffirm our belief. The belief that says it's the only way a life should be lived and nothing else matters.

We cry along the way, we break down, we get crushed, but we still believe that it's the only way to go. No matter how hard things get we know it has always been right. I guess the feeling of knowing that it's the right thing to do is all that really matters.

Dear Life, happy new year to you.

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